Outdated B2B Branding Myths that You Shouldn’t Believe

When building a strong brand for your b2b organization, there are several factors that can hinder your success, which you may be unaware of. Perhaps you’ve found yourself lost in the many myths of b2b branding, leaving you unsure if your branding efforts are worthwhile.

Fear no more, we’re here to debunk these common, outdated myths. Here are the facts you need to know about b2b branding.   

Myth: B2B is mainly focused on sales relationships

Before digital marketing became more successful and utilized, sales was the key behind establishing a company brand. Prospects had to rely on specified pricing and supplier information to draw their own conclusions about a brand.

Today, prospects go through a different process to reach a sales representative, finding solutions to their problems online. They accomplish this by researching brands and reputations, viewing several options before sales even get involved.

It’s much easier for prospects to learn about your company’s brand; you need to communicate your brand’s quality, even when they aren’t directly in contact with you.  


Myth: Your service’s attributes are more vital than its emotional appeal

Your company’s competition may be offering similar services that you provide, making your brand stand out less in the eyes of the prospect. Pricing is a critical factor in the decision-making process, but a prospect’s personal and emotional values leave the biggest impact at 42.6% for purchasing decisions.

Consider your buyer personas and their expectations for your brand; ask yourself about the consistent image you have developed for your brand.


Branding myths are misleading, but knowing the facts can be the difference between a missed opportunity and rising success for your brand. Thinkdm2 is a digital marketing and branding agency that strives to help client’s strengthen their brands online. Still looking for more advice? Check out some of our latest blog work.

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