Five Advantages of Strong Brand Equity

By Linden KleinApr 07, 2016

We know that brand equity is potent. When you have brand equity, you go from selling a product to selling a feeling. But brand equity is intangible, so it is difficult to study. Luckily, we have David Aaker. Aaker developed a model with five essential parameters to measure brand equity.

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A Short Case Study in Brand Equity

By Linden KleinApr 01, 2016

I was recently shopping for polo shirts and was surprised at the options. The Old Navy pique polo shirts top out at about $14. Ok, that’s acceptable. The Ralph Lauren pique polo shirts cost up to $90. Wow. Logo + “Thermovent” + “hint of stretch” = $76? The answer to why one is so much more expensive lies in each company’s brand positioning.

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