Hillary’s New App: A Presidential Marketing Tool

By Ryan TrabalkaJul 28, 2016

We are familiar with mobile apps, especially ones that involve people running around to catch virtual creatures, but Hillary Clinton is joining in on the fun. The democratic nominee has taken her brand to the next level by introducing her own campaigning app that is available for free download. Here at thinkDM2, we aren’t picking sides, but we recognize an intelligent marketing strategy when we see one. The Hillary 2016 app has 1,335 ratings while earning 4 ½ stars on the Apple App Store since it was introduced July 24th. Keeping an open mind, we have to give Hillary some credit for her mobile app.

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How Can You Market Against Negative Perceptions?

By Linden KleinMay 18, 2016

After the 2008 financial crisis, the Wall Street banks were clearly one of the largest and most hated industries in the country. The recession erased all of the positive impressions people had for this industry. If the business of big banking had a tagline during this tumultuous period, it would be "You suffer, we sail."

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Four Tips for Applying the Iceberg Theory to Your B2B Direct Marketing

By Linden KleinApr 27, 2016

The novelist and short story writer Ernest Hemingway is known for his famous Iceberg Theory—to only explicitly include one-eighth of the details in the story, and leave the other seven-eighths implicit and underwater. For example, his story “Hills Like White Elephants” is about a man convincing his significant other to have an abortion, but the word abortion is never mentioned.

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Using Analytics: Be Subtle and Intuitive

By Linden KleinMar 01, 2016


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6 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2016

By Lindsay CarterJan 20, 2016

Before you dive into business as usual in 2016, take the time to map out a content marketing strategy that identifies new insights and inspirations that improve upon last year’s results.

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Email Marketing Strategies to Improve Client Engagement

By Lindsay CarterJan 19, 2016

Email is still at the top of its game in terms of being the most effective marketing tool for B2B and B2C companies. We’ve narrowed it down to a few valuable methods that will engage your clients and prospects through email marketing.

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4 Tips for a B2B Rebrand

By Samantha FellerDec 04, 2015


The only constant that exists is change. As time passes your B2B brand may become outdated, your company message might change, or a merger may occur. Whatever the reason, there may come a point in time where you will need to rebrand your company name, logo and tagline.

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3 B2B Marketing Trends to be Thankful For in 2016

By Samantha FellerNov 26, 2015


As the end of 2015 draws near, it is important to begin preparing for what’s ahead in 2016. New B2B marketing trends are anticipated along with the resurgence of some previous trends. This week marks Thanksgiving, a time to express gratitude and be thankful for everything; especially the trends that will make marketer’s lives a little easier after the holidays.

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The Essentials TO Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

By Samantha FellerNov 13, 2015

Regardless of how small the task, every marketing action needs a bigger plan. While it is easy to dive right into, say, social media or lead generation, without a big picture plan it is like going for a drive without a destination or a road map to get there.

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5 Quick B2B Branding Tips

By Samantha FellerNov 11, 2015

When it comes to B2B branding, many marketers strive to find innovation and inspiration. Numerous questions arise about how to tell a brand’s story correctly and then get the world to perceive it that way.

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