Ditch Digital Fatigue

By Olivia PettiApr 11, 2024


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Are you overwhelming your audience? – Read more to see why your prospects suffer from digital fatigue.

With the business landscape becoming more technologically savvy, we are seeing a rise in digital fatigue. Our email inboxes are overflowing with tons of digital ads, leaving us overwhelmed and desensitized to the content marketers spent time and money working on. 

Forrester introduced the “Hybrid Experiences Bring Direct Mail Into the Digital Age” Forrester Opportunity Snapshot Study”, which involved 158 B2B marketing industry leaders in North America exploring the effectiveness of analog over digital touchpoints. According to a summary from Business Wire, the study found that 80 percent of respondents acknowledge that the pandemic has caused an increase in an overreliance on digital touchpoints.

Due to this overreliance on digital methods, 76 percent of respondents agree that digital strategy engagement is declining. This can directly affect business development and relationship building with your prospects. Email communication, while helpful, can also lack room for personal connection and authentic interactions. These hollow interactions can leave your audience feeling more tired and frustrated rather than excited to engage. On the other end, 78 percent note an improvement in the effectiveness of analog touchpoints. For example, making a phone call may feel like an annoying extra step, but it could go a long way in fostering trust between you and your prospect. 

Furthermore, respondents indicated an engagement potential in using direct mail, as 81 percent of survey respondents mentioned a high likelihood of personally opening packages received for work. Sending physical mail can show your prospect that you care enough to take the extra step in building a lasting relationship. Note: The study emphasizes using SaaS platforms to help you keep track of direct mailing efforts. These can be extremely helpful but also costly, methods such as QR codes are useful as well.

There is no best way of communicating with your prospect, but switching it up or enforcing multiple tactics can make you stand out in a world of digital superficialities. 

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