Ditch Digital Fatigue

By Olivia PettiApr 11, 2024

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Are you overwhelming your audience? – Read more to see why your prospects suffer from digital fatigue.

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Conquer B2B Content Creation Challenges

By Carissa PerroneOct 04, 2022

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Content marketing comes with an abundance of benefits which is why the B2B market is more crowded than ever! The average budget for content marketing efforts is $185,000 per year and nearly half of B2B marketers reported they expect their budget to increase in the next year. Because of all of this competition, you need a marketing strategy that will drive traffic, generate new leads, build trust for your brand, engage your audience, and inspire them to take action. You also need to produce content that stands out and proves your company is better than competing companies.  

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How To Set Realistic Inbound Marketing Expectations

By Carissa PerroneSep 28, 2022

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Setting expectations for your inbound marketing activities is crucial, but it is even more important that these expectations are realistic. If you set expectations that you cannot reach or measure, it will not do you or your company any good. Along with these expectations you need to set goals, create and deliver high-performing campaigns, measure engagement, manage the expectations of senior management, identify the most important KPIs, and set benchmarks for your inbound marketing strategy. You need to understand your current content production capacity and where you should direct your efforts as well. This is a lot to handle, so keep reading to learn more!  

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Leveraging Your Sales Deck to Close More Deals

By Alyssa AnnunziatoSep 24, 2022

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Having a potential client get confused about a product or fall asleep during a pitch is a salesperson’s worst nightmare. Even if your presentation skills are superb coming prepared with an exceptional sales deck will help to communicate clearly your company’s services or products to your client.

Learn more below about what is essential to your sales deck and landing the job.

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2022 Inbound Marketing Trends

By Carissa PerroneSep 21, 2022

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Inbound marketing, also known as pull marketing, works by educating and entertaining your audience to pull them in and attract them to your brand, and leads them to make a purchasing decision. 

Outbound marketing is different. Rather than reeling in your audience and potential clients, you go directly to them through mainstream advertising. Outbound marketing is also known as push marketing.   

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How to Create Great B2B Content

By Carissa PerroneSep 14, 2022

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Everyone wants to create engaging content, but sometimes it can be challenging. Keep reading to learn what to do and what to avoid in order to create great B2B marketing content!

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How B2B Businesses Can Benefit From Animation in Content Marketing

By Carissa PerroneSep 06, 2022

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Many B2B marketers have been finding that animation offers many benefits to their marketing efforts. Animated videos are specifical beneficial because they grab and keep the audience's attention. There are many different purposes for videos and they can be made to be informative while displaying any tone your company wants. For example, the tone of the video can be professional, funny, or emotional. 

Keep reading to learn why B2B businesses are increasingly using animation in their content marketing strategies. 

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A Content Marketer’s Secrets to Scaling Content Successfully

By Carissa PerroneAug 31, 2022

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Scaling content is all about producing quality content at a quick rate, resulting in an efficient content marketing strategy and production. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to successfully scale content.  

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How to Keep Content Creators Inspired

By Carissa PerroneAug 24, 2022

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As content creators are constantly coming up with new ideas for their content, finding inspiration can sometimes be a struggle. Whether they can’t come up with the right headline, craft an attention-grabbing hook, or have hit a wall altogether, there are ways to spark creativity and find something that will inspire them.

Starring at blank pages is frustrating and won’t help content creators get any further. Rather than sitting and staring, they should try to work through their creative blockages. Keep reading to learn methods on how to keep your content creators motivated. 

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3 Tips for Personalizing Your B2B Content Marketing

By Carissa PerroneAug 17, 2022

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In B2B content marketing, content personalization is not as simple as including a prospect’s name in an email. Keep reading this blog to learn tips on how to personalize your B2B content.

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