2022 Inbound Marketing Trends

By Carissa PerroneSep 21, 2022

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Inbound marketing, also known as pull marketing, works by educating and entertaining your audience to pull them in and attract them to your brand, and leads them to make a purchasing decision. 

Outbound marketing is different. Rather than reeling in your audience and potential clients, you go directly to them through mainstream advertising. Outbound marketing is also known as push marketing.   

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3 Tips for Personalizing Your B2B Content Marketing

By Carissa PerroneAug 17, 2022

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In B2B content marketing, content personalization is not as simple as including a prospect’s name in an email. Keep reading this blog to learn tips on how to personalize your B2B content.

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How to Produce Memorable Content

By Carissa PerroneAug 10, 2022

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How memorable is your content?

From the moment we wake up in the morning until the moment we go back to sleep at night, we are constantly exposed to content and information. What is going to make your content stand out among the rest and get more attention? And if you are able to do this, how can you get them to stay and continue absorbing more of your content? 

Keep reading this blog to learn some tactics for producing content that is memorable and will have a lasting impression on your audience.

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Building and Applying a Content Marketing Strategy (Part 2)

By Carissa PerroneAug 04, 2022

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A content strategy takes a lot of work to perfect, as there are many aspects involved. If you have not read part 1 of this blog, we recommend you do before continuing to part 2. In part 1 of this blog, we talked about the first 4 important factors for building and applying a content marketing strategy for your business. Keep reading to learn more!

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Building and Applying a Content Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

By Carissa PerroneAug 02, 2022

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Content is everywhere. Exposure to content is unavoidable, which is why it is necessary that your company has a strong content marketing strategy.  A successful content marketing strategy can increase conversions, improve brand awareness, boost revenues, and establish your company as an industry leader. Attracting new clients and educating the audience will result in this successful and powerful strategy. 

When it comes to forming a strategy that is right for your brand, it can be difficult and take some tries to get it right. Here is a guide to make the process of creating a content strategy easier! Keep reading to learn more!

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Improve Your Content With These 5 Experiments

By Carissa PerroneJul 19, 2022

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Experimenting and testing out different ideas is a great way to discover ways to improve your content. It will show you new techniques you can use, as well as tell you what you should not do.

Experimenting with your content strategy could allow you to discover new methods that could improve sales and revenue and your business as a whole! 

But what type of experiments should you make? Keep reading to find out 5 key experiments that we recommend! 

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Humanizing your Brand in a Digital Era

By Karina MohammedJan 05, 2021

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At its core, marketing is about connecting with people, and in today’s digital era, human connection is still a vital conversion ingredient. 

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A New Year Awaits: Reflecting on Digital Marketing in 2020

By Philip BerardoNov 24, 2020


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It’s safe to say most of the world is in agreement that 2020 was a difficult year for our professional and personal lives. A lot has changed in the way businesses operate, and digital marketing has seen a number of notable shifts. As we navigate the rest of the year and make our way to 2021, it’s important for digital marketers to reflect on past strategies, campaigns, new client relationships, and evolving business plans. This reflection can help motivate and empower digital marketing teams in the year ahead. In this post, we will be taking a look back at digital marketing in 2020.

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What is the AIDA Model in Marketing?

By Philip BerardoNov 06, 2020


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In the vast world of digital marketing, lead conversion isn’t a simple one-two process. There are several stages a lead must go through in their buyer journey before becoming a customer. This is something all marketers, whether B2C or B2B, understand, yet there is often confusion around the process of lead conversion itself. This is where the AIDA model comes into play; it is a model that helps explain each of the four stages someone goes through before making a purchase. In this post, we will be breaking down the AIDA model and its use in marketing.

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A Guide to Brand Positioning for Digital Marketers

By Philip BerardoOct 28, 2020


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The value of a brand can be found in many of its components such as its messaging, tone of voice, and how it helps its audience. When it comes to developing brand identity in today’s online space, there is a lot for digital marketers to consider. The most notable online brands are unique, value-driven masters of their craft—and the secret to their success often lies within their positioning.

Brand positioning can be defined as the metaphorical place your company aims to own in the mind of your target customer. In this post, we will be sharing a guide to brand positioning for digital marketers.

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