How To Set Realistic Inbound Marketing Expectations

By Carissa PerroneSep 28, 2022

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Setting expectations for your inbound marketing activities is crucial, but it is even more important that these expectations are realistic. If you set expectations that you cannot reach or measure, it will not do you or your company any good. Along with these expectations you need to set goals, create and deliver high-performing campaigns, measure engagement, manage the expectations of senior management, identify the most important KPIs, and set benchmarks for your inbound marketing strategy. You need to understand your current content production capacity and where you should direct your efforts as well. This is a lot to handle, so keep reading to learn more!  

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2022 Inbound Marketing Trends

By Carissa PerroneSep 21, 2022

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Inbound marketing, also known as pull marketing, works by educating and entertaining your audience to pull them in and attract them to your brand, and leads them to make a purchasing decision. 

Outbound marketing is different. Rather than reeling in your audience and potential clients, you go directly to them through mainstream advertising. Outbound marketing is also known as push marketing.   

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The 6 Most Valuable Inbound Marketing Assets

By Carissa PerroneJun 29, 2022

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Inbound marketing leads your customer through the buyer journey by using relevant, credible, and valuable content. It can be difficult to get your inbound marketing assets to stand out, due to the crowded marketplace and an audience who receives boatloads of content. 

Keep reading to learn more about optimizing your content and making your B2B marketing assets more engaging and memorable so they stand out from the competitors.  

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Inbound 2020: Additional Highlights for Marketers

By Philip BerardoOct 07, 2020


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Back in September, we shared out top highlights from Inbound 2020, with a focus on HubSpot’s new CMS tools, email marketing, and LinkedIn. You can read that post by clicking here! We felt there was still more to explore in the world of Inbound. In this post, we’ll be sharing some additional highlights from Inbound 2020 that marketers should know.

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Inbound 2020: 3 Highlights from HubSpot’s Annual Conference

By Philip BerardoSep 25, 2020


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As the year continues to bring complex challenges to the marketing industry, many marketers continue to ask themselves, “can 2020 end already!?” It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that 2020 has been perhaps one of the most difficult years for marketing in the past few decades. In the midst of this global pandemic, we were surprised and delighted to see that HubSpot would continue to hold its annual Inbound conference—this time entirely virtual. We had the opportunity to attend a few sessions during the event. These are our 3 highlights from Inbound 2020!

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What are the 3 Stages of the Inbound Flywheel?

By Philip BerardoJul 29, 2020


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Ever since the 2018 HubSpot Inbound event dropped a major game changer with its inbound flywheel, many marketers have had time to rethink their existing marketing strategies. Whether in the B2B or B2C space, customers used to be more of an afterthought in the grand scheme of the sales funnel. Now, more marketers are shifting to an inbound approach and integrating the inbound flywheel—a model that encourages customer engagement and interaction across the full sales cycle.

In this post, we’ll be defining the 3 stages of the inbound flywheel.


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3 Advantages of an Inbound Strategy for Your Marketing Website

By Philip BerardoFeb 12, 2020


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If you’ve been involved in the marketing industry for the past several years, you’ve likely come across the term “inbound marketing.” The concept is based on a strong customer-oriented approach to marketing—especially through your company’s website—with a focus on content development, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and branding. It’s a multi-step process that takes a significant amount of time to get started, but the advantages of an inbound strategy can truly impact your company.

If you’re interested in bringing the inbound methodology to your marketing website but still have a few concerns, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 advantages of an inbound strategy for your marketing website.

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Takeaways from Inbound 2019: Insights for Your Marketing Company

By Philip BerardoSep 10, 2019

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It seems like only a few months ago Inbound 2018 was the big talk of the marketing industry. Well, it turns out that was actually a whole year ago! We previously covered last year’s Inbound event from HubSpot, and it was quite a game changer with the new inbound flywheel model. With the conclusion of Inbound 2019 last week, we wanted to share some of the key takeaways from the event.

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4 Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Be Following

By Philip BerardoJul 26, 2019

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Email marketing can carry a number of complications that prevent you from reaching a contact’s mailbox. The way you craft the perfect subject line, address the contact, and the content you’re sharing makes a big difference in determining your open and click rates. Failing to adhere to email marketing best practices can land your email a spot in a contact’s junk folder and increase unsubscribes as a result. Here are email marketing best practices you should be following.

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The Inbound Flywheel: How it's Making an Impact in B2B Marketing

By Philip BerardoMar 26, 2019

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When it comes to promoting your company online, there are numerous steps that can easily overwhelm your marketing team. Publishing content on a scheduled basis and tracking analytics is time consuming, to say the least. Another challenge comes from promoting your content and offers to the right people, based on their stage of the buyer’s journey. This is where the inbound flywheel can be a vital component to attract, engage, and delight your leads and customers.

We’ve previously shared the significance of the inbound flywheel and how it can benefit b2b SaaS companies. To best prepare your company for the next quarter of 2019, here’s how the inbound flywheel is making an impact in b2b marketing and sales.

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