4 Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Be Following

By Philip BerardoJul 26, 2019

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Email marketing can carry a number of complications that prevent you from reaching a contact’s mailbox. The way you craft the perfect subject line, address the contact, and the content you’re sharing makes a big difference in determining your open and click rates. Failing to adhere to email marketing best practices can land your email a spot in a contact’s junk folder and increase unsubscribes as a result. Here are email marketing best practices you should be following.

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4 B2B Email Marketing Strategies to Nurture Your Leads

By Philip BerardoAug 30, 2018

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For b2b marketing, generating leads is only half the challenge when attracting attention to your business and brand. Without proper lead nurturing strategies, your leads won’t see the same value from your brand overtime. Worst of all, they may feel neglected!

Email marketing is essential for building lasting relationships with leads and reigniting an interest in your brand from previously disengaged leads. Here are four b2b email marketing strategies you can follow to nurture your leads and exceed their expectations.

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A Guide to B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

By Philip BerardoFeb 16, 2018


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Around 90 billion business emails are sent each day, with 73% of Senior-level marketers calling email marketing a vital aspect of their business. The truth is, quality results only come from a proper email marketing campaign to nurture leads, and improve email click rates. That’s why we’re giving you a guide to the best practices you need to follow for b2b email marketing.

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Is Anyone Actually Reading Your Emails? How to Boost Engagement

By Stephanie AlexandreAug 23, 2016

Struggling with your email marketing efforts? It's tough to stand out when your target audience is constantly being bombarded by emails, leaving them pessimistic at the thought of an email offer. Here are some tips to get your email in fighting shape!

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