Native Content VS Native Advertising

By Ryan TrabalkaOct 17, 2016

Want to target your ideal customers at the right time? Want to conveniently be placed in front of prospective clients instead of being pushed away by ad-blockers?

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What is the difference in Omnichannel Marketing?

By Azadeh BrownMay 24, 2016

Marketers today are familiar with the concept of ‘Multichannel Marketing’; its when brands interact with potential sales leads on various platforms; including print ads, landing pages, trade shows, direct mailers, social media, etc. It’s the backbone of an integrated marketing campaign.

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Should I Invest In Google Adwords?

By Linden KleinMay 20, 2016

Google AdWords seems like an easy way to make your SEO explode, and put your business at the top of Google searches. That's what we all want, right?

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7 Ways to make your blog a lead generator

By Lindsay CarterFeb 09, 2016

Are your blog posts generating the leads that you want? If so, well done! If you find that your blog needs some tweaking in order to gain more traction from readers and optimize the content to their fullest potential, there are simple ways to make blogging worth your while. According to Hubspot, blogging proves to be the #1 method for inbound marketers to increase traffic.

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How To Create The Perfect Buyer Persona For Content Marketing

By Lindsay CarterFeb 05, 2016

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The Essential Inbound Marketing Method For B2B Marketers

By Lindsay CarterFeb 03, 2016

If you are still trying to figure out how your company will stand out amongst your competitors online, you need to revisit the Inbound Marketing method. This method will allow you to identify the right kind of prospects online and turn them into satisfied customers and brand loyalists.

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Most Popular Social Media Platforms For B2B Marketers To Distribute Content

By Lindsay CarterFeb 01, 2016

If you were wondering which social media platforms were most popular amongst B2B companies distributing content marketing, look no further. According to The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, their annual benchmark report on B2B content marketing reflected LinkedIn (94%) as the most popular platform for content distribution.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2016

By Lindsay CarterJan 20, 2016

Before you dive into business as usual in 2016, take the time to map out a content marketing strategy that identifies new insights and inspirations that improve upon last year’s results.

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8 Questions to Ask When Creating a B2B Buyer Persona

By Samantha FellerDec 02, 2015

Buyer personas are an important part of your inbound marketing strategy because they tie your online sales and marketing efforts together. A buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your real customer base that comes from industry research and your professional experiences. It is a profile of your ideal customer that provides insight into who you are selling to.

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How to create buyer personas

By Samantha FellerNov 06, 2015

Buyer Personas are an integral part of the sales and marketing processes. They provide a clear picture of who you are trying to reach and what their pain points are.

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