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4 Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Conversions

By Stephanie AlexandreJun 07, 2018


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There’s a common misconception that bringing in as many leads as possible is the key to boosting conversions. While lead generation is essential, the reality is that nearly 80% of marketing leads never convert, because they aren't properly nurtured. Lead nurturing tactics are essential for building connections with your prospects and guiding them along the buyer’s journey. Despite its importance, the majority of companies haven’t established a strategy for nurturing their leads.

Here are four key ways to maximize your conversion rates through lead nurturing tactics.

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4 Tips for Developing Your B2B Brand Strategy

By Stephanie AlexandreFeb 09, 2018


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One of the many challenges b2b marketers face is creating an effective brand strategy to make their brand stand out among competitors. What does your brand offer in terms of value? How does it resonate with your audience and relate to their emotional side? Your brand’s message makes a huge difference; don’t let it become an afterthought. These are the 4 tips you should follow when developing your b2b brand strategy.

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B2B Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

By Stephanie AlexandreDec 18, 2017


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As the year comes to an end, it’s time to focus on new marketing strategies for 2018. With less focus on branded content and a push toward video and applications, b2b’s will need to adapt to new content marketing tactics. A recent report shows that 89% of b2b marketers are making use of content marketing for lead generation, so we’ve compiled a list of the hottest content marketing trends to look out for in 2018.

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The Risk and Reward of IoT: What Your Marketing Company Should Know

By Stephanie AlexandreNov 28, 2017


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According to a study conducted by Cisco in 2016, global business executives believe IoT, or the Internet of Things, will positively impact their companies in multiple ways, such as operations efficiency, customer service improvement, and enhanced collaboration among others.

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The 4 B2B Content Qualities That Influence Purchasing Behavior

By Stephanie AlexandreAug 11, 2017


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According to a recent joint study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief, content has more power in the B2B purchasing processes than ever. Over 1,200 executives and business professionals were interviewed and asked about the type of content that compels them to seal the deal. Creating remarkable content that contains these following 4 qualities will ensure that your B2B organization is set for success.

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3 Next–Gen Tools for B2B Sales & Marketing

By Stephanie AlexandreAug 09, 2017


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The best businesses know they need to evolve and adapt in order to reach their sales goals, but finding the rights tools in an ever-changing landscape can prove challenging. That is why we have come up with a list cutting edge next-gen tools to help you find marketing success. As marketers, we understand what it takes to move the needle and how to help our B2B clients redefine their goals and priorities. These tools are meant to help your organization regain its agility all while developing a clearer understanding of your target audience. 

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Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2017

By Stephanie AlexandreAug 04, 2017


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Fast Company released it’s 10th edition of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2017. We felt taking a deeper look at the companies that secured their spot in the Top 10 only seemed right. The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2017 are…drumroll please…Amazon, Google, Uber, Apple, Snap, Facebook, Netflix, Twilio, Chobani, and Spotify – respectively. While all of these companies are distinct and unique in their own rights, they have multiple practices in common that have helped catapult them to the top of their fields and the top of this list.

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Innovations in Search Engine Marketing: Keeping Up as a Tech Marketer

By Stephanie AlexandreAug 01, 2017


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For marketers, the fundamental goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, has always been to be easily discovered online by prospects. Especially when 80% of internet users turn to search engines to look up information on a business nearby, showing up in the list of search results is crucial to promoting your business and driving traffic to your website.

However, as technology continues to evolve, so too must your marketing. Today’s latest innovations in search are changing the pathways in which prospects reach important information, and thus, changing the way in which your b2b organization must develop SEO marketing strategies accordingly.

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Understanding the Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing for B2B

By Stephanie AlexandreJul 13, 2017


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The world has gone mobile. Its time for marketers to take advantage of the fact that 95% of people now own cell phones, and it’s time for B2B companies to fully embrace the power of mobile marketing. Ready to reap the benefits of B2B mobile marketing? Check these steps off your list:

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A Lesson in Brand Loyalty From Amazon

By Stephanie AlexandreJul 11, 2017


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With the long-awaited Amazon Prime day on July 11th and its recent acquisition of Whole Foods, the question “What can’t Amazon do?” is a trending topic of conversation. Acquiring and retaining customers left and right, customer loyalty to the Amazon brand has become increasingly unparalleled.

While Amazon has certainly capitalized on the B2C market, by implementing these three principles of strong brand loyalty that are inherent to Amazon’s own marketing strategy and applicable to all, your B2B organization can capitalize on Amazon’s magic.

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