4 Ways to Nurture Your Leads and Boost Conversions


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There’s a common misconception that bringing in as many leads as possible is the key to boosting conversions. While lead generation is essential, the reality is that nearly 80% of marketing leads never convert, because they aren't properly nurtured. Lead nurturing tactics are essential for building connections with your prospects and guiding them along the buyer’s journey. Despite its importance, the majority of companies haven’t established a strategy for nurturing their leads.

Here are four key ways to maximize your conversion rates through lead nurturing tactics.


1. Share valuable content with your leads

Thanks to advancements in technology, customers now have unlimited access to all the information they need. This may seem obvious, but we cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your audience, their needs, and their pain points.

To establish a stronger relationship with your customers, you must share relevant content that fulfills their needs and answers all their questions. Trust needs to be built before a sale is made, and nurturing your leads is the best way to do so. Whether its a blog post, ebook, or infographic,  your content should be valuable to your leads.


2. Consistency is key for boosting conversions

Prospects generally receive an average of 10 touches before they make a purchase. Therefore,  it is important to keep in continuous contact with your leads.

Following up in a timely manner will maximize your chances of successfully converting a lead into a customer. After a website conversion, prospects that were contacted within 5 minutes were 21 times more likely to become a SQL versus those that were contacted within 30 minutes. While keeping in contact with leads should be a no-brainer, many companies never even follow-up with their leads.


3. Personalization increases your lead’s engagement

While email marketing continues to be the most effective lead nurturing tactic, personalized emails receive significantly higher open rates, engagement, and generate up to 6 times higher revenue.

You can send your leads triggered emails based on different activities they perform — such as links that they click in your emails — or website pages that they visit. This ensures that the messages they are sent will be the most relevant to them, and establishes a stronger connection between you and your lead.


4. Increase conversions through multi-channel outreach

With the majority of open rates not exceeding 20%, solely focusing on email campaigns isn't going to cut it anymore. While email is still essential, you need to use other methods of getting in contact with your leads.

A combination of email marketing, social media, a dynamic website, and direct sales outreach will allow you to effectively nurture your leads. Aligning your sales and marketing teams is essential when executing an effective multi-channel lead nurturing strategy.


Developing a lead nurturing strategy is essential, and starts with generating qualified leads. Thinkdm2 is a digital marketing and branding agency that is dedicated to providing our clients with the best strategies to grow their brands online. For more information on how to effectively generate leads, check out our free ebook.

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