Understanding the Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing for B2B


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The world has gone mobile. Its time for marketers to take advantage of the fact that 95% of people now own cell phones, and it’s time for B2B companies to fully embrace the power of mobile marketing. Ready to reap the benefits of B2B mobile marketing? Check these steps off your list:

Intel is one company that has made major moves in the growing mobile market. Intel’s “Meet the Processors” brand campaign employed a B2B mobile paid search campaign using Bing in an attempt to drive more traffic to their mobile website. And guess what; it worked. The results of the campaign revealed that when compared to online search, Bing’s mobile search was a whopping 40% more effective and cost-efficient. This campaign is just one example that showcases how mobile can have a direct impact on a company’s marketing success.  


1. Do the Research

While it is no shock that 42% of B2B researchers use their mobile device for the B2B purchasing process, determining how to utilize this in your company’s marketing efforts can prove tricky. The addition of mobile-related information to your buyer personas creates a comprehensive profile that can be used for your mobile marketing strategy. Knowing the preferred mobile device, whether apple or android, and tech behaviors, in addition to the lifecycle stage, location, and demographics of your buyer personas is an integral first move to make towards mobile marketing success.  

2. Optimize your Website for Mobile

This one might seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many organizations’ websites are not mobile friendly. When it comes to optimizing your website for mobile, what looks good on the display of a computer screen is not going to look good on a much smaller, hand-held mobile device. More than 50% of web traffic comes from smartphones alone and is expected to grow to 52% globally by 2019. You certainly do not want 50% of your website visitors to immediately swipe up and leave the page because your website looks flawed on their phones.

Your website is your company’s ultimate touchstone; it is where you want to convert leads, not lose them. Especially when 74% of consumers say they are more likely to return to a company’s site in the future if it is mobile-friendly, optimizing your website for responsive viewing on all mobile devices is one of the most valuable moves you can make with mobile marketing.   

3. Coordinate your Channels

Once your website has been optimized for mobile, it’s time to coordinate your newly improved mobile channels with your already stellar preexisting ones to tie them together with a bow into one cohesive marketing strategy. Whether with your company’s website, emails, or mobile push notifications, employing a multi-channel marketing strategy and then relating these channels back to one another increases customer reach.

However, doing so requires a thoughtful balance of selecting messaging and content that is unique to each platform, to create a user experience relevant to each outlet. Along with coordinating the content itself, you must work on coordinating multi-channel CTAs and synchronizing the way in which they work. 

At thinkdm2 we know a thing or two about marketing for B2B. Make these moves in the mobile market and you will surely see the payoff. Interested in other marketing tips?  For more ways to expand your company’s B2B marketing outreach, download our e-book below.


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