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Best Practices for Marketers Working Remotely During COVID-19

By Philip BerardoMar 26, 2020


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With many uncertainties around COVID-19 and when this epidemic will begin to alleviate, marketers are finding themselves working remotely for extra precaution. Above all, safety is most important for all employers and their workers; staying home is becoming a necessity. However, for many marketers, remote work is something unfamiliar and confusing. To help your marketing team stay productive and encouraged, here are a few best practices for working remotely during COVID-19.

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Responding to COVID-19: What Your Marketing Team Needs to Know

By Philip BerardoMar 19, 2020


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These past few weeks have been challenging for many, and we are anticipating further caution in the months ahead. Everyone’s safety and well-being is a top priority, as we continue to learn more about the current situation with COVID-19. At this time, it can be difficult for marketing teams to know how to properly respond and reassure their customers and clients. Here’s what your company’s marketing team should expect and how to properly respond to COVID-19.

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Defining Marketing Attribution and How to Use it Effectively

By Philip BerardoMar 12, 2020


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When it comes to reporting marketing data, there’s a lot to consider in terms of success and shortcomings. You may have even found yourself closely analyzing metrics to uncover hidden patterns or inconsistencies in your data. To help track the progress of your company’s marketing and sales teams, marketing attribution is a strategy your company should be considering. Here’s what you need to know about marketing attribution and how to use it effectively.

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Critical Elements of a Successful Brand For Your Marketing Company

By Philip BerardoMar 04, 2020


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It would be a big misunderstanding to say that the most popular brands can coast by on name recognition alone. Sure, we all know about the big names like Apple or Microsoft, but it certainly wasn’t always that way. If you were to take a step back to the 1970’s— when both companies were getting started—it’s unlikely that those names would have anywhere near the same level of recognition they do several decades later.

Likewise, your marketing company’s brand won’t be able to break into an industry with a name alone. These are the critical branding elements your marketing company needs.

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3 Key Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

By Philip BerardoFeb 27, 2020


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Account-based marketing (ABM) is defined as a focus on a company’s sales and marketing resources to target specific accounts in their market. This strategy is highly personalized to each account. Today, more marketers have started adopting this into their business strategy—and the results have us excited for the future of ABM. Here are three key benefits of account-based marketing that your company should know.

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What Should Your Marketing Technology Stack Look Like in 2020?

By Philip BerardoFeb 21, 2020


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We’re a few months into 2020, and it’s around the right time to lock in our marketing strategies for the rest of the year. For marketing tech agencies, this can be easier said than done. With an abundance of innovative tech making its way into the industry scene, creating the right marketing technology stack can be a bit complex. Here are a few suggestions on what your marketing technology stack should look like in 2020.

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3 Advantages of an Inbound Strategy for Your Marketing Website

By Philip BerardoFeb 12, 2020


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If you’ve been involved in the marketing industry for the past several years, you’ve likely come across the term “inbound marketing.” The concept is based on a strong customer-oriented approach to marketing—especially through your company’s website—with a focus on content development, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and branding. It’s a multi-step process that takes a significant amount of time to get started, but the advantages of an inbound strategy can truly impact your company.

If you’re interested in bringing the inbound methodology to your marketing website but still have a few concerns, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 advantages of an inbound strategy for your marketing website.

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Defining Brand Identity: How the Right Colors Impact Branding

By Philip BerardoFeb 06, 2020

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A brand’s identity is defined through a number of factors, such as its messaging or a powerful mission statement. It may not seem like a big deal on a surface level, but color can also play a vital role in determining how someone will react to a company’s branding. There’s something almost unnerving about altering the color of a brand’s logo beyond recognition. Just imagine the uproar if Coca Cola decided to rebrand their cans in bright green instead of the classic red!

Here are a few ways that color impacts branding and how your company can help define a meaningful part of its brand identity.

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What Marketing Conferences Should Your Company Attend in 2020?

By Philip BerardoJan 30, 2020


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Each new year brings dozens of exciting marketing conferences all over the country (and the world for that matter!) Choosing the right conference for your company to attend can be challenging—especially when considering the cost and time needed. It also comes down to which conferences are offering discussion around topics that appeal to your company and industry. To help make your selection easier, here are a few marketing conferences your company should look into for 2020.

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What Keeps Marketers from Blogging? Tips to Overcome Blog Challenges

By Philip BerardoJan 23, 2020


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Time again we see the same question posed to marketing agencies to grow their business, whether they’re b2c or b2b: “are you blogging?” It’s a genuine question! Blogging is a great way to get a content strategy started in your company, and it helps boost your SEO and thought leadership. With so many notable benefits, what’s keeping marketing companies from blogging? Here are a few reasons marketers are hesitant to start blogging and how tips to overcome these fears!

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