Build Brand Recognition with these B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

By Philip BerardoAug 16, 2018
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Digital marketing can be a major asset to build brand recognition online. Some b2b marketers choose to focus on content creation or blogging, while others lean more toward advertising their brand through social media. When it comes to building your brand recognition, you’ll want to start by following these b2b digital marketing strategies.


Create content that stands out in the b2b digital marketing landscape

You may not be the only one writing about digital marketing or branding but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your content stand out. What makes your brand unique and what questions can it solve for your audience? An example may be to improve social media communication with leads, in order to build brand loyalty.

Sharing personal stories and experiences with your audience builds a reputation for your brand, while adding emotional value to your content. Consider the last time you experienced a similar problem that your prospects face, and share how you resolved it.


Observe your competitors’ brands and content

Pay attention to what your competitors are writing, and find creative ways to promote similar b2b content in a new format. One option is to write a hypothetical Q&A between a prospect and a marketing leader, to answer common questions in the industry.

Research the latest digital marketing trends to understand what your audience is often struggling with. SEO tools, like Moz, let you see which keywords and topics are the most searched for in your industry. With this information, work on connecting those topics with your buyer personas’ daily dilemmas.


Consistently measure your webpage analytics. Who is seeing your brand?

From blog content to landing pages, keep your b2b webpage data fresh by measuring your analytics. This allows you to keep tabs on past and new data to expand your audience reach, including:

  • Page views and entrances
  • Bounce rates and exit rates
  • Direct and organic traffic

Consider how often your website is receiving traffic and how long visitors are viewing your website. A high bounce rate of 75-80% is common for blogs where there aren't many interactions for a visitor to take. However, on other pages -- such as a landing page -- a high bounce rate means visitors aren’t taking the time to see what your brand has to offer. You'll want to aim for 41-55% on most of your webpages, which is generally considered an average bounce rate.

Analyze your web pages to see which ones are underperforming and understand why visitors aren’t properly engaged. Before giving your website a design overhaul, make sure you’ve established a core message for your brand. Your website needs to be consistent with your brand’s design, so start by using similar color palettes, fonts, and other visual aspects.

Gather feedback and referrals for stronger brand recognition

Encourage your prospects to recommend your brand by letting them know their comments and feedback are appreciated. For example, if your website recently changed its design, provide a survey for your audience to complete. This will give you an idea of their experience with your new site and any suggestions they may have.

Referrals are an excellent way to build brand recognition, since it allows your prospects to drive attention to your brand through reviews and social sharing. Your existing prospects can be helpful influencers that build brand awareness. Here are some ways to gain referrals:

  • Promote your content with a guest blog
  • Keep your brand active on social media
  • Comment on popular third-party blogs and articles


When it comes to building brand recognition in a b2b digital marketing landscape, thinkdm2 knows best. We’re dedicated to giving you the strategies you need to develop your brand and deliver a strong, personal message to your audience. For more b2b digital marketing and branding strategies, visit our blog.

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