3 Ways to Create an Attractive CTA

By Ryan TrabalkaSep 08, 2016

thinkdm2_3-ways-to-create-an-attractive-cta.pngWhen it comes to inbound marketing, there are many ways to generate new leads. One of the best time-tested methods of sending new leads down your funnel is through CTAs.

Calls to action allow the readers of your blog posts, newsletters, or website visitors to make a choice. They can choose to leave, or they can give you information in return for a free trial, subscription, etc. This will result in more genuine leads, as opposed to unethically generated leads.

Here are 3 ways to modify your CTAs to increase your submissions and leads.

1. Make Your Users Feel Comfortable

They are already interested in your brand. They made it to your website or maybe they finished reading that amazing blog post you wrote. At the end of the publication, they have the opportunity to give you their information.

Many times this can put too much pressure on your captive audience. Provide a simple “unsubscribe at any time” or just ask for an email and name in the first CTA form. You can always ask for more information at a later date. You won’t seem pushy giving them the peace-of-mind to unsubscribe at their own leisure.

2. Simplistic Design

That old saying “less is more” definitely works here. You don’t need to use bright pinks and yellows while a red light flashes a million times. Keeping the design clean and simple makes your CTA eye candy to the buyer personas you are attracting.

An example of one of our simple yet eye-catching designs we created for a client can be found here. You can even scroll down the page (if you are on a computer) to see how we incorporated a simplistic design while using tasteful animation.

3. Add Value

You don’t always have to draw people in with “CLICK HERE” and “ACT NOW!” Sometimes you have to present value in your CTA in order for people to care enough to take action. There are a few other words you can use in your CTAs to present value.

A good example of a CTA I recently came across had a choice of two buttons. One said “Get more leads now!” and the other said, “No thanks, I don’t want any leads.” The value being proposed is that if you click no, then you won’t be gaining any leads.

Want to improve your brand and increase your lead generation? Your brand is the most important part of any marketing strategy. At thinkdm2, we are professionals when it comes to branding and developing businesses. 

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