CES 2020: 4 Big Takeaways for Marketing Technology Companies

By Philip BerardoJan 17, 2020


image credit: TippaPatt/shutterstock.com

Last week, CES 2020 brought some much-anticipated news to the marketing industry—and as you can imagine, there’s plenty of insights to digest. Tech marketers will want to have a look at some of the top announcements from the event. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from CES 2020 for marketing technology companies.

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Pantone’s 2020 Color Forecast: New Design Ideas for Marketers

By Philip BerardoJan 09, 2020


image credit: Georgejmclittle/shutterstock.com

Each year, Pantone reveals a “color of the year” to represent a specific theme and convey a message in the new year. Companies and brands are assessed for their use of different colors and creative designs. If you’re in the marketing or graphic design industry, this is a great opportunity to plan your use of color for new projects! Here’s what Pantone’s 2020 color forecast says about this year in marketing and design.

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3 Web Design Resolutions for Your Digital Marketing Company

By Philip BerardoJan 02, 2020


image credit: Undrey/shutterstock.com 

Welcome to a new year of digital marketing—and a new decade altogether! What better way to kick off 2020 than with a few new year’s resolutions? Web design is one of the top areas of focus for digital marketing; your website houses your company’s content, branding, and overall messaging. Let’s set some web design resolutions, together, to ensure your digital marketing website can attract, engage, and convert in 2020.

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2 Brand Positioning Statements to Inspire Your Marketing Company

By Philip BerardoDec 19, 2019


image credit: wavebreakmedia/shutterstock.com

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get your marketing company on the right track with its branding. Looking at popular, famous brand positioning statements is an excellent place to start inspiring your branding strategy. First, you may be asking yourself, “what is a brand positioning statement?” It’s a detailed description of your company’s service and its target market; it helps you align your marketing strategy with your company’s branding.

With that said, let’s analyze two brand positioning statements that will help inspire your marketing company.

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The Top 2020 B2B Marketing Trends Your Company Needs to Know

By Philip BerardoDec 11, 2019


image credit: 13_Phunkod/shutterstock.com

As the b2b marketing industry prepares for 2020, some marketers may find themselves eagerly anticipating new trends, while others are feeling apprehensive. After all, 2020 isn’t just a new year; it’s a new decade altogether. At a time where the sales funnel has become obsolete, topic clusters rule SEO, and machine learning is proving its worth to marketers, anything seems possible in the future.

Could this finally be the decade where flying cars become reality!? We’re probably not there just yet—but here are some b2b marketing trends your company can expect to see in 2020.

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What is Reverse Positioning in Marketing and Branding?

By Philip BerardoDec 04, 2019


image credit: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com

The final month of 2019 is upon us, and it looks like the branding and marketing world is embracing a revitalized strategy. The term “reverse positioning” (sometimes called “breakaway positioning”) has begun resurfacing in the marketing industry recently, but what exactly does it mean? In this post, we’ll be defining reverse positioning—a unique marketing and branding strategy your company should know about.

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What is a Brand Refresh? Insights for B2B Marketers

By Philip BerardoNov 21, 2019


image credit: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com 

A brand refresh is a topic that your b2b marketing company may have already discussed—and the response may have been a resounding “that’s a good idea!” Despite this, the idea of a “refresh” may not be within your company’s current brand strategy and scope. It’s hard to fit a full refresh into your branding strategy, especially if it will change other company aspects in the process, such as tone or existing guidelines.

The truth is, every company runs the risk of becoming stale and outdated with its branding. To prevent your b2b marketing company from running its course, here’s what you need to know about a brand refresh.

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Understanding the Advantages of Brand Equity in B2B Marketing

By Philip BerardoNov 15, 2019

image credit: REDPIXEL.PL/shutterstock.com

What does it mean for your company to have a strong “brand equity?” Well, it’s part of what makes your brand valued and meaningful in the eyes of your customers and prospects. Without brand equity, your b2b company is essentially marketing its brand without any defining characteristics—no real emotional value to gain from supporting it. That doesn’t exactly sound like it’s doing your target audience any favors, does it? That’s why we’re sharing the key advantages of brand equity in b2b marketing, with best practices your company can follow!

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3 Common Branding Myths Your B2B Marketing Company Should Know

By Philip BerardoNov 08, 2019


image credit: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com

Debunking myths isn’t exactly an everyday task that you can complete without second thought. Myths exist for a reason; they come from years of false information and analyses, which cause them to become the norm for people to believe. For b2b marketing companies, there are plenty of branding guidelines that may seem commonplace in their industry.

However, there’s not always a truth behind every belief in the b2b branding world. Here are 3 of the most common branding myths your b2b marketing company should know. 

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B2B Branding: How to Make a Strong First Impression With Your Brand

By Philip BerardoNov 01, 2019


image credit: Rawpixel.com/shutterstock.com 

Establishing a brand in an industry that’s bursting with competition isn’t a simple task; your digital marketing company may find itself revising its brand message and tone several times to find a sweet spot. However, constantly tweaking your brand only causes confusion for your audience and among your marketing team.

One of the top challenges with showcasing your brand is the initial presentation and optimizing for a person’s first impression. Here’s how your digital marketing company can make a strong first impression with its brand.

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