How B2B Businesses Can Benefit From Animation in Content Marketing


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Many B2B marketers have been finding that animation offers many benefits to their marketing efforts. Animated videos are specifical beneficial because they grab and keep the audience's attention. There are many different purposes for videos and they can be made to be informative while displaying any tone your company wants. For example, the tone of the video can be professional, funny, or emotional. 

Keep reading to learn why B2B businesses are increasingly using animation in their content marketing strategies. 

why use animation? 

There are many people who prefer to look at visuals over text. In fact, 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about products/services, compared to reading text in ebooks, infographics, presentations, and articles. Visuals, especially animation, help create a bigger impact on your potential clients and make your content more appealing. As of now, 40.8% of marketers are posting visual content 2-5 times each week. This is a lot of marketers, but there are also a lot of marketers who are missing their opportunity to increase interactivity and engagement.

what are the benefits of animation?

When figures are manipulated and displayed as moving images, this can be defined as animation. Some benefits of animation are being able to 

  1. Visually communicate information 
  2. Quickly communicate ideas with no unnecessary visuals and verbiage 
  3. Cut through the digital noise and differentiate your content from others. 
  4. Easily update animated videos 

Upgrade your visual content

benefits of using animation in content marketing for b2b businesses     

An animation that is well-produced does both educate and entertain your clients and prospects. This is because it describes complex topics in a way that is easier to understand and absorb the information. Visual context is also much more memorable than plain, textual content. 

To continue, branding is much easier with animation than with a live video. For example, your animation can be in your company’s colors, making it on theme with your brand. It can also include language, tone, and images that reflect your brand as well.

effective types of animation in content marketing

Popular types of animation: 

  • 2D Animation: 2D animation is the most commonly used type of video animation content in content marketing. It is affordable and offers great results.
    Note: Knowing when to use 2D animation is key to its effectiveness. Since 2D animation connects with your audience on an emotional level and not on a practical level, 2D animation is best for explaining a product, process, or idea. On the other hand, you should avoid using 2D animation videos for demonstrations.  
  • 3D Animation: A more advanced form of animation is 3D animation. Using this animation type in your content marketing allows your business to create dynamic and interactive videos, that feature realistic characters and settings. Due to its attention-grabbing tendency, 3D animation can boost your marketing efforts. The best type of content for 3D animation is content that is purposed to share your brand’s story. 

  • Motion Graphics: Motion graphics are great for videos with minimum graphics and more floating text. Motion graphics are different than other types of animation, as they focus on texts and shapes, instead of characters. These videos are good for displaying numbers, facts, or key points you are trying to get across to your audience.

how to use animation in content
  • Explainer Animated Videos: The most popular type of animation that B2B marketers utilize is called animated explainer videos. These types of videos are usually less than a minute long and their purpose is to explain a service or product in a creative way. They can make a memorable impression through the use of humor or emotion as well. They are educational, yet engaging. Demonstrating complicated business ideas has become much easier because of these animated videos. 

  •  Animated GIFs: Animated GIFs are a form of animated visual content used to tell a dynamic story, as opposed to a still picture. GIFs are simple, but can really depict the tone of your content and your brand. As people have such short attention spans, GIFs are beneficial because they can quickly capture attention and provide clarification to your audience. 

Important points to keep in mind while using animation
  • Keep it brief: Attention spans are short so your animations should be too! Include the information needed to spark interest in your product/service, but leave out unnecessary details. A recommended length is less than 2 minutes. 

  • Include a CTA: After watching the video, the viewer should be prompted to take action. This is the best way to get them to the next step of the buyer journey and to learn more about your company. 

  • Show what’s in it for your customers: Everyone is looking for something that they can benefit from, so in the video, show them what your company has to offer. 

  • Be persuasive throughout: Pay attention to detail and quality! You want your audience to be engaged and interested in your company during the entirety of the animated video.  

the bottom line

Content marketing is shifting towards visual communication. When you plan your content marketing strategy, take time to consider how animation can help your business. It might just be the tool to give your sales a boost and gain new clients! 

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