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Everyone wants to create engaging content, but sometimes it can be challenging. Keep reading to learn what to do and what to avoid in order to create great B2B marketing content!

common pitfalls in report, white paper, and ebook production

Some of the things that can lead to issues with your content creation process include: 

  • Lack of clear expectations: with unclear expectations, the content will not meet the desired end result. It is also important that each person working on the content, for example, the person in charge of the research and information, and the design person are all on the same page and have the same end goal in mind.  
  • Not planning feedback at the right points in the process: feedback is important, as it allows you to see what you are doing well and what needs to be changed. There should be a few set dates for feedback throughout the creation process, rather than just one at the end. Additionally, if feedback is given at the appropriate time, that is great, but if not, it will be difficult to make necessary adjustments to the content, which can have negative results.
  • Get the vision straight: it is important that everyone sees the same vision and knows which direction to take the content in. If the copywriter and designer both have different understandings, the content will not make any sense. The content creation process takes a lot of time and energy, so it is crucial that everyone communicates the vision and has the same, clear understanding of what to do. 

Structure and understanding are key! Avoid these pitfalls by setting clear expectations and laying out what you hope to accomplish during the content creation process. Each person involved should know their responsibilities and what they need to deliver. There should be a structure so everyone stays on track, but make sure not to restrict creativity. Make sure feedback is given throughout the whole process, and listen to what the suggestions are.

what to focus on: 
  • Getting your process right. Come up with a process that works for your team. Here is an example of steps to follow during the content creation process:

    • Concept 
    • Kick-off
    • Process
    • Milestones
    • Feedback
    • Debrief
    • Review
  • Asking clarifying questions. Give the creators direction by explaining ideas and what the vision is. Creators should always ask questions to help clarify what is wanted from them, and you can ask them questions as well, to further guarantee everyone is on the same page.   

  • Communicating and having meta-conversations about communication. Everyone has different communication styles, preferred channels for communication, and preferred methods for giving and receiving feedback. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the preferences of the people you are working with.  

the effects of good tech      

Technology should not replace communication but should work to make improve it. This is because it allows more people to get involved in the creation process. However, boundaries and 

  • Boundaries fuel productive creativity. Having set boundaries allows all the creators to be productive and test out their creativity, while also knowing their limits. They know what they need to produce and what to stay away from, but besides that, they have total freedom to create.

  • Flexible design format. The design format in which you chose to create your content in is important as well.  For example, using a format that is easy to make adjustments and edits with will be very helpful. To continue, being able to use templates will help save time and create a sense of unity among all of your content and your brand. 

  • Roles and permissions. Technology offers the ability to set roles and permissions for who can do what, saving the frustration of having people do something they should not be doing. For example, people who are supposed to write can, and the designers can do their part. Each group does not have to worry about someone else coming in and making changes. 

  • Engaging, responsive format. Using a format that allows for interaction and engagement between the viewer and the content is great. You also want to make sure that the format allows you to review insights and analytics. This is important and helpful in measuring the success of the content.


By following the advice suggested above of what to avoid and what to do, your content creation process will go smoothly.  If you want to create great content, you have to put in the effort and be dedicated to finding a way that works best for everyone involved in your company’s process. 

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