3 Ways to Convert Leads with a Strong Landing Page

By Philip BerardoDec 22, 2017


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In b2b marketing, a landing page is an excellent way to give visitors an opportunity to connect with your content by signing up for an email campaign, or offering ebooks and webinars. However, if a landing page tries to pry too much information from a visitor, it may turn them away from your content offering.

With roughly 40% of surveyed marketers feeling they aren’t generating consistent ROI, a poor landing page may be a contributing factor. To avoid the pitfalls of a weak user-experience, we’re giving you three of the best ways to convert more leads with a strong landing page.


1. List all benefits clearly, with a relevant message

Your landing page is the final step in the lead conversion strategy, leaving a lasting impression on your prospects. You shouldn’t be trying to sell something to your prospects, but simply delivering on the asset they’ve requested.

2. Give style to your landing page, without going overboard

Visual flair, such as color, labeled headers, and a relevant image can help keep your landing page from feeling bland. However, don’t go overboard on text styles and too many colors; keep the overall design consistent. Video is generally a big contributing factor for attracting attention in a modern b2b market, because it provides information in an easily digestible format. 

Your landing page should reflect your brand. Look back at your company’s main website: What does it do to attract visitor attention? How does it give a name and image to your brand?

3. Don’t lengthen your landing page with filler

A landing page doesn’t need to be long, and often it’s better to keep it short. Too much information can be overwhelming, especially since the landing page may be coming after a lengthy blog post or other content. If your message isn’t conveyed clearly, leads may end up more confused from your landing page, rather than encouraged. A company that doesn’t already have a previously established reputation may want to include more, thus increasing its offering. Otherwise, a shortened landing page keeps the message clear and concise for a company that’s well-known.

Your website is already attracting the attention it deserves. Don’t let a weak landing page keep potential leads weary of your offering. Thinkdm2 has all the b2b marketing tips you need for the best lead generation and optimization results. View some of our latest work for more information and strategies.

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