How Technology Is Affecting B2B Branding

By Chris FullerOct 23, 2015

How Technology Is Affecting B2B Branding

how technology is affecting b2b branding

It’s 2015 and technology is still evolving with an ever changing landscape for marketers. Due to these changes brands must adapt and stay abreast of trends in order to remain relevant. The digital age has created this phenomenon of relevancy for brands by adding new levels of engagement and interaction with customers. Without social, videos or online presence, a brand almost ceases to exist.

According to an article by Neil Dawson in Marketing Magazine, “We must abandon old concepts of positioning, personality, targeting, segmentation, loyalty and differentiation, but this alone is not enough to address technology’s impact. Consumers now drive markets. Spotify addresses people’s desire to rent, not own, music; Uber reflects the demand for simple, easy transport.”

Four challenges technology has created for B2B branding:
  1. Delivery is timing. Customers have become accustomed to the instantaneity of the internet; with the click of a button people have what they want. This doesn’t translate well when a time frame for a job isn’t met the first time.

  2. Big data is powerful information. The question becomes how can marketers vet through massive amounts data to find qualified leads? The information opens a world of possibilities allowing brands to be proactive. Personalization and customization becomes part of the challenge.

  3. Social is constant exposure. The customer now has the power to decide when the interaction will end. They can choose to buy an item or use a service and go home and forget about it or they can go online and write reviews and make comments.

  4. Brand stories are becoming secondary. With constant bombardment and the overstimulation that digital creates, marketers need to find a way to make brands stand out.

Technology has created another lens for marketers to look through so the strategizing and thinking has to be new. Innovation has become essential for navigating the challenges that exist around delivery, big data, social and the overlooking of a brand’s story.

Technological advances have perpetuated the escalation of customer expectations. Marketers now have to overcome this hurdle by not only putting themselves’ in the customer’s shoes, but also their smart phones, computers and tablets.

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