The Essentials To Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

The Essentials Of Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

the essentials of creating a b2b digital marketing plan

Regardless of how small the task, every marketing action needs a bigger plan. While it is easy to dive right into, say, social media or lead generation, without a big picture plan it is like going for a drive without a destination or a road map to get there.

Here are the essentials of creating a B2B digital marketing plan to help give you a clear target and directions.

Measure your website analytics
In order to set goals and form a plan, first look at analytics to create benchmarks. Pull from whatever metrics you have; past advertisements, email open rates, surveys, website traffic, anything that will give you a baseline. Then you will be able to set concise goals for your digital marketing plan and be able to start thinking about strategy.

Center content around your buyer personas

Next comes content. This plan needs to be formulated based on your buyer personas so that everything you are putting out is geared toward your correct audience. Don’t send a fish hook out there with no bait! According to Entrepreneur, “Most companies do a great job of explaining what they do but fail when it comes to using more dynamic content (blogs, videos, and infographics) to show how they can help. Customers respond to relevant information and education, products and services come later. The more often you tell it, the more likely your story will be heard.”

Keep your contact database up-to-date!
Your contact database is actually a gold mine if used correctly. Without an updated database you are letting your most import resource go untapped. According to contact relationship management (CRM) community blog MyCustomer, “Sure, there’s a ton of data on customers at every organization. Your job in marketing is not to analyze all of it. It’s to prioritize decisions and figure out where the path of least resistance lies to improve conversion, save costs, save time, and increase revenue.” Stay on top of your database to see an increase in return on investment.

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