4 Common Misconceptions About Lead Generation

4 Common Misconceptions About Lead Generation

four common misconceptions about lead genertion

Lead generation is a hot topic that is getting hotter by the day. With the buzz lead generation has created comes misconceptions around best practices. Marketers and business owners need to know the correct information for the most successful lead generation campaigns. To help give those in charge peace of mind; here are five misconceptions and the reasons why:

1. Social Media is not a good source for lead generation

Social media is actually a great source for lead generation because it enables you to repurpose and promote your content.  According to digital marketing software solutions company MarketO, “At least 58% of marketers who have been using social media for three years or longer state that it has helped them boost sales.” The more quality content you put out will lead more quality traffic to your website, which creates a higher chance of conversion.

2. Buyer personas are one and done

Expand your customer base by keeping an open mind. According to the marketing publication Business 2 Community, “Establishing a picture of the ideal buyer for your business software or product is always a good idea, but you can’t let your buyer persona become a permanent fixture. If your business is never flexible or adaptive when it comes to possible customers, you miss out on potential revenue.”

3. Lead generation is about quantity

Although the numbers don’t lie, it still comes down to quality. Having the right leads will positively affect your bottom line. This is why setting guidelines by creating buyer personas is so important. The parameters offer a tremendous benefit because they help you save time. It is beyond worth it to qualify leads before you pursue them.

4. Tracking lead generation once a month is adequate

It wouldn’t be wrong to track your lead generation campaign only once per month, but it also isn’t enough. The more often you check your numbers, weekly or even daily, the better your picture will be. Checking analytics more frequently helps you to create benchmarks more quickly and allows you to adjust any tactics along the way to achieve your best results.

It’s not only lead generation that leads to a full pipeline; your website positions you in the mind of the buyer as much as all other components of your online marketing efforts.

Consider steps to improve your website's marketing performance. Let your site do the work for you. Identify your top lead generation priorities. We have a Website Marketing Report that grades your website on the keys to effective lead generation.

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