An Overview of B2B Marketing in 2017

The biggest takeaway from 2017 is that B2B marketers are realizing the importance of promoting their brands digitally. In a study from the Content Marketing Institute, over 50% of marketers have stated they will focus more spending on content marketing within the next year. With a rise in both content and digital marketing, here are some of the key trends from 2017 for B2B marketing. 

Personalization and education remain key for communication

B2B marketing has always been about establishing lasting connections with prospects, rather than the colder, promotional approach of traditional marketing. Emotional resonance and education are the biggest factors in communication. Thought leadership is stronger than ever, with companies building trust through offers that provide a clear benefit for buyers. 

In 2017, content marketers are becoming more crafty with their sales, sparking a desire for a service, even if it isn’t an immediate need for buyers. 


A rise in search engine marketing and promoted content

As the best method for the promotion and distribution of content, search engine marketing has became the most paid for method in B2B marketing for 2017. Promoted posts should see the biggest increase in spending in the next year. B2B marketers are also spending more on other digital channels, such as…

- Content discovery tools

- Social advertising

- Online banner advertisements

Changes in the talent gap of digital marketing 

Allocating resources in the wrong areas, or developing poor budgets, causes a talent gap. 

Every B2B marketer should be trained in digital marketing methods going in to 2018. Online digital marketing certifications are also becoming more common, or even required. Digital marketing companies are now finding a balance with marketer experience, allowing marketers to build their talents in…

  • Search engine optimization
  • Analytics
  • Personalization
  • Marketing channels

Educating prospects with a strong, emotional message has always remained an important part of B2B marketing, and 2017 continues this trend. An ongoing shift to digital also brings new possibilities for content marketing for the next year. For the latest B2B marketing trends, visit thinkdm2’s blog. 


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