Behind the Branding: The Nat Geo Food Truck Story



We wanted to take a hiatus from our usual b2b-focused blogs and draw attention to a cause that we feel deserves attention – food waste. We were recently inspired by a National Geographic piece, which showcased just how much food is tossed away because it doesn’t meet expectations for appearance.

Here at thinkdm2, we don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, and we especially don’t believe in discrediting a piece of food due to its odd appearance. That’s why we designed this passion project to share our love for food and branding.


What is #EatUgly?

Here’s a question to consider, with no right or wrong answer: would you eat a carrot that had a second carrot growing out of it?

Odds are, you may be a bit weary to try such a bizarre piece of food.

Despite their disproportioned appearance, misshapen meals are still perfectly edible, yet are continuously thrown away and wasted. Supermarkets also won’t sell food that isn’t up to their highest standards. This means around 30% of produce isn’t sold, simply because it has a poor shape, size, or color.

If we can reduce only 15% of food waste, we can help feed up to 25 million people each year! By eating food that’s considered too “ugly,” you’re helping to support a waste-free food initiative.


Why food trucks?

During the summertime, we love taking our lunch breaks outside, and visiting our local food trucks for a great meal. Whether it’s burgers, sandwiches, or the ever-allusive lobster truck, there’s plenty of options to choose from. With all that variety, it’s a shame that so much food is still going to waste all over the country.

If people see a food truck dedicated to odd-looking meals, it may help spark an appreciation for food that wouldn’t normally be sold or eaten. To further support this cause, food trucks can even offer recyclable utensils, containers, and napkins, and compost bins for discarded food scraps.


Where can we go from here?

At thinkdm2, we have many passions and causes that we want to bring to light. We see a bright future ahead for more food truck brand extensions, and more opportunities to share our passion projects. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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