Do B2B Organizations Need Taglines?

By Philip BerardoJul 27, 2017


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In b2b marketing, it’s becoming less common for an organization to use taglines for their branding. Several technology companies, such as BMC, Cisco, and Microsoft, have ditched the tagline philosophy altogether. With these big name brands at to the top without them, new marketing tactics have emerged to effectively replace taglines. Is your company looking for more than just a simple tagline? Here are some strategies to consider for your branding. 

Establish a theme, not a tagline

Take a page out of IBM’s philosophy, Smarter Planet, and aim for more than just a few extra words beneath your company’s name. Instead of trying to make a catchy tagline for your business, create a themed view. How does your brand connect with a larger, real-world concept? How might your brand change a generation? Come up with ambitious ways to showcase your brand on a grander scale, instead of relying on a basic tagline.


Write headlines that draw readers in

If you are someone who only reads the headline of an article and not the copy itself, then you are about 80% of the population according to the 80/20 rule. Conversely, this also means only 20% of readers will actually finish an article. When it comes to content marketing, a captivating headline is crucial to peak consumer’s interest and get them to read further.

Give your company a visual personality

For someone to believe in your brand, you have to show them exactly what your brand is about. Videos, pictures, and GIF’s are tagline replacements that can have just as much, if not more, impact than using words. An Axon Media study found that 7 in 10 people are more likely to view your brand in a better light after watching video content related to your company.

If you want your brand to last, you’ll want to build a strong image and character to support it. Rework your old ideas and give them a fresh, new upgrade.

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