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In marketing, it is expected to be able to prove that content is successful and performing well. However, it is not as easy as it might seem — to be able to determine what efforts are worth the time and money spent and what are not.  

There is such a wide variety of metrics available to marketers and you must be able to figure out which ones matter most for your business and content, but how? 

Focusing on the prospects’ buying intent in real-time, content engagement will provide detailed information. Keep reading to find out what this looks like and how to use the information you gain from insights!

Reader Engagement On A Contact Level

According to Tom Schoostra, Foleon’s Marketing Automation and Revenue Operations Specialist, reader engagement on a contact level allows users to see who is reading what content when they are reading it, and how long they are reading it for. This insight is perfect for deciding when to reach out to prospects. This is because once someone has looked at all your content and spent a while studying it, they will have a good understanding and are more likely to be sales-ready. This is the perfect time to reach out!

Content engagement metrics help the sales team to focus on and customize conversations with their prospects. Salespeople can use these metrics to acquire every opportunity. They are notified of the pages being read and the user’s behaviors as well. If the user returns to the page multiple times, the sales team is aware of this. They can then continue to create a sales tactic to get the user to make a purchase.

Working towards perfection

Not all content posted is going to be successful. After publishing content, you may find that its performance does not match your expectations. While this may not be ideal, it can still help you make improvements and perfect your content. 

When you have insights into your content and its performance, it is much easier to make these adjustments. Foleon Senior Copywriter, Sean Filidis, explains how after publishing content, he takes a step back and studies the content insights to make improvements to his content. Creating content is like creating art, it might take a few sketches before you end with your masterpiece. 

With content, launching multiple versions over time and observing how it performs and what works best is how to get content that in the end will be the most effective.

Filidis explains that he “looks at how much people read, on what pages they might drop off, what topics they find interesting, and how well it leads them to take further actions.” Knowing what pages result in people leaving the site, for example, will help the content creators realize that something is not as engaging on those pages and could use some upgrades.

By using Foleon, you can use the insights to make adjustments and optimize your content. Unlike static content, such as PDFs, Foleon and interactive content offer the ability to make edits and updates to content in real-time and anyone with your content will now have the new changes as well. This means it is very easy to tweak your content as many times as needed until it reaches its most effective point. 

using content insights to set benchmarks

Content insights and analytics from multiple platforms can be compared and used to gain a better understanding of the content's overall performance and which tactics generally work best. You will know how to enhance content by forming the best content strategy for your business. For example, selecting the best channel and type of content will result in higher rates of engagement and conversions with your audience.  

Using Foleon’s analytics dashboard, you can recognize your insights and set them as benchmarks. Benchmarks keep you on track and allow you to know if your content is effective or not. They create comparisons and can help you realize and prevent potential mistakes, but can also help you find ways to maximize success. 

Static content could never! 

getting to grips with visual content

Today's marketers are consistently pushing out new content, resulting in a content overload for their audiences. This makes it difficult for them to stand out among the crowd and get their message out there. It makes it even more difficult to get their audience to read their content over other content available to them. Audiences are starting to change and the way they consume content is as well. Static content just won't cut it anymore. 

People have short attention spans and are immersed in distractions, putting even the best content at risk of being unnoticed. They tend to read less, skim more, and appreciate visuals within the content. 

So how do you give your audience content that they will enjoy? Add visuals! Including pictures, videos, animations, graphics, and visual elements to your content. Visual content drives the most engagement and shares and results in the most action taken among the audience, which is why it is very important among modern internet users. 

make your insights actionable

Some examples of how to make your content insights actionable include

  • Measuring buyers' intent and when they seem ready to make a purchase
  • Providing content that you know users will enjoy

  • Optimizing content to reach perfection and users' expectations 

  • Understanding how the content is performing 

Insights must be actionable, not just informational. The first step is to understand your content insights and what they tell you, but the most important step is to be able to take action from your insights. You can use your insights to drive sales and leads, engage all customers or prospects, and increase brand awareness. 


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