Is It Time to Re-evaluate Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Every b2b company has a marketing strategy they’ve developed, with goals and expectations set for a specific timeframe. However, many times these goals are abandoned and never fully reached.

When analyzing your business’s marketing strategy, here are three questions you should consider asking yourself. 

Do you know where your leads are coming from?

Measure your website’s metrics to get an idea of where leads are coming from. Web traffic won’t always come through an organic Google search. Visitors can find your content through several channels, including:

    • Direct search (directly typing in a URL)
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Referrals

Google analytics tracks your traffic metrics, giving you an idea of how leads are finding your content. It’s better to focus on improving each individual channel, rather than focusing all your attention on just one. Poor metrics, such as few traffic from organic searches, need to be addressed. If your website isn’t properly optimized with keywords and relevant links, it won’t drive traffic.


Are you setting realistic marketing goals?

It’s not uncommon to go a bit overboard when setting marketing goals, especially if past results have proven weak. However, this can lead to unrealistic expectations where goals are never properly met.

Don’t look at an unmet goal as a failed objective. Take progress step-by-step and examine improvements over time. Keep track of which goals are exceeded, met, work-in-progress, or incomplete.

A realistic marketing goal will work with your previous accomplishments. For example, is an increased ROI common for your business? If not, it wouldn’t be realistic to expect an increase of 30-40% within a short span of time.


Are you abandoning previous marketing goals in favor of new ones?

When a goal isn’t met and expectations are low, it may be tempting to shift gears to a new marketing objective. Abandoning previous goals can negatively effect your marketing metrics. For example, if your marketing team decides to ditch their efforts toward building a strong email campaign, this can have a domino effect and hurt your lead generation goals in the future.

Your business will often have multiple priorities to juggle at once, but neglecting past marketing objectives can develop into a poor habit. This could mean that no goals end up being met if you consistently change priorities without addressing previous ones.

If you’re having trouble meeting a goal, look into marketing tools that can help improve your efficiency. For example, HubSpot’s content strategy tool is a great resource for b2b content marketers to develop their marketing strategies.


Has your business evaluated its b2b marketing strategy properly? Thinkdm2 knows all about developing strategies to meet marketing goals and generate leads. If you’re still looking for more tips to reach your b2b marketing goals, check out our latest eBook. today.

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