What is a Brand Refresh? Insights for B2B Marketers

By Philip BerardoNov 21, 2019


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A brand refresh is a topic that your b2b marketing company may have already discussed—and the response may have been a resounding “that’s a good idea!” Despite this, the idea of a “refresh” may not be within your company’s current brand strategy and scope. It’s hard to fit a full refresh into your branding strategy, especially if it will change other company aspects in the process, such as tone or existing guidelines.

The truth is, every company runs the risk of becoming stale and outdated with its branding. To prevent your b2b marketing company from running its course, here’s what you need to know about a brand refresh.

A brand refresh is not the same as a rebrand

Let’s start off with an important takeaway: the terms “refresh” and “rebrand” do not mean the same thing. In fact, a rebrand is an entirely different challenge that goes far beyond what’s expected out of a simpler refresh. With that being said, a brand refresh is essentially a way to reimagine how your brand looks and feels. You’re not altering your brand’s core values or its position in the market—rather, a refresh can include updating your branding colors, font style, or the imagery around it.


Refreshing your brand keeps it current in the market

One reason to perform a brand refresh is to keep up with current trends in your industry. The more time your brand stays in its same place, the more ahead of the game your competitors will become in the meantime. That’s not to say every brand has to feel super modern and with the times—but there’s a difference between a brand that looks like it’s inspired by old-time ideals and one that looks so obviously stuck in them.

In other words, unless a vintage, retro aesthetic is meant to be a part of your branding, it’s best to stick with a refresh and keep things current!

Why your b2b marketing company might need a brand refresh

There are several factors that can determine why your company should consider performing a brand refresh. Here are a few reasons to look into:

  • Has your company seen any negative feedback from its branding? The most notable places to look for would be through your company website or via social media. Harsh colors, lack of emotion, or inconsistency are just a few claims that your audience may be making about your brand.

  • Is your logo out of date? It can be hard to let go of a past brand logo, but an update may be necessary. Refreshing your brand’s logo allows you to capitalize on first impressions much more—after all, your logo is most likely the first thing someone will see when they discover your brand.

  • Is your company lacking a strong brand positioning statement? If your company has lost its focus and is unsure of how to position itself in your market, it may be time for a refresh. Your positioning statement helps to establish a core message around the services that your b2b marketing company provides.

  • Does your company branding feel too similar to its competition? This is a big area to address, especially if your brand has spent most of its days blending into the crowd. The last thing you want is for your brand to be swallowed by an ocean of competitors. Your b2b marketing company may need a brand refresh to not only improve its image but to help it stand out in your industry.

So, with these insights in mind, do you feel it’s time for your company's brand to get a refresh? Let us help you out! Thinkdm2 is a b2b marketing and branding agency located in New Jersey. We specialize in digital marketing and branding within the tech industry and provide our clients with the help they need to develop their brand. If you’re looking for additional branding strategies, contact us today at 201-840-8910.

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