2 Technologies That Organize and Increase Efficiency for your Business

By Ryan TrabalkaNov 18, 2016


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Whether its meeting deadlines or finding ways to improve your lead generation activities, there are a couple B2B technologies that can help your company increase efficiency and help delegate time for those time-sensitive tasks. Here are a couple of ways to increase your company’s productivity through the world of tech!

Free Up Time with Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs)

“The most precious resource we have is time.” – Steve Jobs

VPAs can be hired to complete those time-sensitive tasks that just don’t fit into your busy schedule. VPAs are people that provide remote services to complete tasks within your organization.

No matter the location, you can connect with your ideal VPA. Deriving from the name, these virtual assistants are real people, in real-time that work from their location. Is the task you wish to assign only available on the work desktop? Just allow access and its one less to-do on your list. Think of VPAs as a way to digitally outsource tasks to free up YOUR time.

Examples of when you could use VPAs:

  1. Divvy up inbound marketing tasks like social media CRM or blogging.
  2. Use them to make phone calls or send personalized emails to leads.
  3. Hire them to make reservations for business meetings or to keep track of completed tasks to help manage time.

The tasks you can assign are limited to your own imagination, but here is a list to get you started!

Embedded Analytics as a form of Business Intelligence (BI)

Software as a Service or (SaaS) companies have earned popularity with businesses by making sense of those complicated numbers. BI services that provide Embedded Analytics allow businesses to implement effective marketing techniques. Give your business the tools it needs to:

  • Better track marketing efforts by analyzing data to improve your ROI.
  • Maintain relationships between customers and your brand through data interpretation.
  • Easily identify qualified leads by using performance metrics.

Using this form of BI can help businesses pin-point what truly “works” and “doesn’t work” so you can truly delight your prospective audiences. Make accurate and well-informed business decisions by using Embedded Analytics.

An example of a Embedded Analytics software company that has earned popularity with several industries is Sisense.com, but our friends at HubSpot do a great job as well when it comes to data marketing tasks like tracking B2B social media metrics and website traffic; all inside of their website management and digital publication suite. 

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