3 Common Branding Myths Your B2B Marketing Company Should Know

By Philip BerardoNov 08, 2019


b2b branding myths for marketing companies

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Debunking myths isn’t exactly an everyday task that you can complete without second thought. Myths exist for a reason; they come from years of false information and analyses, which cause them to become the norm for people to believe. For b2b marketing companies, there are plenty of branding guidelines that may seem commonplace in their industry.

However, there’s not always a truth behind every belief in the b2b branding world. Here are 3 of the most common branding myths your b2b marketing company should know. 

Myth #1: B2B brands don’t need to appeal to emotions
Truth: Emotional resonance is a critical strategy in b2b branding!

It’s a common claim that b2b marketing companies aim for a more stern approach for their branding. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. While it’s true that b2b brands incorporate different strategies than a traditional b2c brand, this doesn’t mean some tactics don’t overlap. Emotional appeal is a vital aspect of any branding strategy—b2b or otherwise!

For comparison, think about how your audience reacts to certain emails you may be sending them. Something as simple as the “from address” can make a big difference on whether or not someone opens the email. Typically, people respond far better to emails that come from a specific person, rather than a generic company address.

Appealing to the emotional side of your audience is important because it expresses your company and brand in a more humanized manner. It helps to put a genuine, human face to your business, which is encouraging for someone looking for your company’s services. 

Myth #2: Brands shouldn’t try to change their messaging; it’s too risky.

Truth: A stale brand message, and even logo, will need revisions over time.

It can be a harsh reality to accept, but it’s something every marketing company will come across someday—your branding may not be as strong as it once was. Times change; companies change; even individual people change—and as a result, you have to keep up and update your brand messaging and style accordingly. In fact, according to recent branding statistics this year, around 60% of people find themselves attracted to a brand’s message based on its color. Additionally, b2b customers find themselves more interested in a brand that displays personal value, as opposed to business value.

You can move your finger away from the delete key; we’re not about to suggest you start your branding again from scratch! However, it’s totally normal for a brand to tweak the color scheme in its logo or rework some of the phrasing around its values. In fact, even thinkdm2 has updated our brand logo over the years:


thinkdm2 old logo


thinkdm2 digital marketing and branding agency NJ

Myth #3: If your b2b marketing company hasn’t focused on branding before, it’s too complicated to start now
Truth: It’s not too late to develop a branding strategy for your b2b marketing!

Your company might feel its marketing tactics alone have been enough to keep it relevant in the minds of its audience. The truth is, even if your company’s current results—such as a strong ROI—are in a positive state, branding can produce an even greater impact on your b2b marketing company. 

Without branding, your company can’t build brand awareness or establish brand loyalty; your company’s growth becomes too reliant on its marketing strategy, and your audience doesn’t have a proper “image” to put to your company name. This is where a focus on branding can be an important factor in your b2b marketing company. Your marketing strategy is never going to remain static; it will continue to evolve as the industry does. Likewise, having a strong brand helps with this process because it ensures your company’s messaging, tone, and voice stays consistent as your company grows and changes.

Myths are deceiving by nature, but these tips should help you keep your branding on track! Now that you know the myths of branding in b2b, your next step should be to work on your own company’s brand development. To help get you started, you can download thinkdm2’s Branding Truth or Dare eBook.

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