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Are You Following These 6 Keys to Developing Your Brand Essence?

By PJ MolskiApr 29, 2015

Imagine your brand as a movie, and your audience as a film critic who wrote single-word reviews. What would you want them to say about you? What would be that one big word in quotes on your matinee poster, summing up how your movie made them feel?

That’s your brand essence. It’s the promise you make to your audience, the idea that your brand provides a specific unique experience. It’s something your consumer relates to, understands, and desires on a fundamental level.

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5 Ways Your Branding Strategy is Missing the Mark

By PJ MolskiApr 21, 2015


Branding might be your business, but are you guilty of these rookie mistakes? Find out if you’re committing one of these five branding sins.

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Is Your Landing Page a Dead-end or a Gateway to Lead Generation?

By PJ MolskiMar 17, 2015


We’ve all seen them and we’ve all second-guessed filling them out. But a good landing page is one of your most effective marketing techniques. It can deliver more b2b leads and convert them into clients.

A landing page should target a specific audience. Avoid going generic. If you’re driving people to a particular ebook, webinar, or promotion, your landing page should reflect the offer. It’s important to build a unique landing page for each of the offers you create.

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