Telling Your B2B Brand Story Through Your Website Design

By Philip BerardoApr 19, 2019

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Some stories are told through text alone, without the need of imagery; but in the digital age, visual components can help play a key role in telling compelling stories. Last week, we discussed the importance of your website’s design and how it can influence your b2b branding. Here’s how you can take your website design strategy and apply it to your b2b brand story.


Start by making a strong first impression of your b2b brand

Much like the first time you met a new college roommate or a new coworker in your office, first impressions can be important. While they aren’t the “be-all-end-all” factor of a growing relationship, it’s best to prepare yourself for a proper introduction.

When a new visitor reaches your website, they should be immediately greeted with a strong message about your brand and what it does. This is shown through the fonts you choose, color palettes, and imagery. A common design choice for b2b marketing websites today is the usage of video; but the key here is to be subtle. Some websites fall into the trap of trying to be too flashy with videos that take up the entire screen, distracting from the brand message itself.

To make a great first impression with your website, you'll want to put equal effort into the visual and copy you use. Don’t just settle for a font that has a unique style just to stand out. Let the font’s visuals be put to good use alongside compelling copy about your brand. Speaking of which…


Use just enough copy to get your brand’s message across

Think of how often you might click to a webpage, only to find that your scroll wheel has become practically invisible from how much its diminished. Having a lot of copy on a single page isn't always a bad thing, but it does feel overwhelming for readers.

When you’re telling your brand story, you don’t necessarily need to cut out the details that your company personally feels are critical to its message. Instead, use line breaks and section headers to separate key points. You wouldn't want to read a book that didn’t have page numbers or chapters properly labeled, would you? To give your brand story the right amount of depth to engage visitors, consider these strategies:

  • When telling a story of your brand’s company history, a visual timeline helps to make it easier for readers to follow. This is especially useful if your brand has a long, decade-spanning history. 

  • If you’re sharing a specific example of an impact your b2b brand has had in the industry, tell it in a way that feels like an actual story. Some companies get lost in spouting the many achievements of their brand, without detailing the hard work and process behind that success.

  • Avoid excessive jargon in your copy. Tell your brand story as it comes to you naturally—not through complicated terminology.


If you’re struggling to tell your b2b brand story, it may be time for a website re-design!

Some brands are afraid of change and remain in a static, repetitive state. However, there’s nothing wrong with changing up your website design strategy, especially if it means attracting and engaging new leads. In fact, a website that’s willing to update its look and feel can have a positive impact on your audience. Here are a few tips to keep your website fresh to develop a compelling brand story:

  • Observe visitor sessions to see where they are dropping off from your website. If their sessions are commonly ending in the same place, it may be due to a lack of conversion points, excessive copy (with little whitespace), or long load times on a specific webpage.

  • Give a visual overhaul to your brand logo, including an update to its font or color. Consider how many different iterations of the Google logo there have been over the years. Sure, the redesigns are all still recognizable; but it’s hard to deny that the first few logo designs would feel pretty outdated today. If your brand logo still looks like its stuck in a previous decade, it’s time for an update!

If you’re looking for more strategies for your b2b branding and website design, we’ve got you covered. Thinkdm2 is a digital marketing and branding agency with experience in b2b website development and brand development. Feel free to contact us today at (201) 840-8910

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