3 Key Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

By Philip BerardoFeb 27, 2020


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Account-based marketing (ABM) is defined as a focus on a company’s sales and marketing resources to target specific accounts in their market. This strategy is highly personalized to each account. Today, more marketers have started adopting this into their business strategy—and the results have us excited for the future of ABM. Here are three key benefits of account-based marketing that your company should know.

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The Fundamentals of B2B Account-Based Marketing

By Philip BerardoMay 31, 2019

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The term “account-based marketing” has gradually become more common in today’s b2b marketing landscape. It is defined as a focus on both sales and marketing resources for target accounts in a market, with an emphasis on personalization for each account. In other words, it’s an excellent way to hone in on customers and clients with a higher overall value, as opposed to making your reach too broad.

To get a better understanding of how it works, here are some fundamentals you should know for b2b account-based marketing.

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