2 Marketing Tactics to Grow Your SaaS Business Online

By Philip BerardoMay 15, 2019

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Growing your SaaS business takes more than just a quality service; you need to have a strong online presence. In an industry of endless competition, this means the way you promote you business and brand online has become more crucial than ever. We’ve previously shared several marketing strategies to grow your SaaS business, including content development and co-marketing campaigns. Here are two tactics your company can use to increase your online presence and build trust.

1. Work on your SaaS website’s lead conversion, not just generation

Yes, generating new leads is a great objective to have in mind; but if your SaaS business is too focused on attracting leads and not converting them, your business won't be able to grow. Attracting visitors to your website without converting them is like window shopping; sure, you might like what you see, but how likely are you to actually enter the store and make a purchase?

To help your SaaS business grow, you’ll need compelling incentives to gain more conversions. While, free trials and demos are common methods used in the SaaS industry, the solution isn’t always to add more to your website; instead, you can try scaling down excessive content. Some companies have a habit of filling their webpages with every little detail about their SaaS brand. However, this can actually discourage leads to convert, if they become confused and overwhelmed.

A general guideline is to follow a “show don’t tell” mentality. This doesn’t mean supplementing images for text at every touchpoint on your website; it just means you should showcase your SaaS business and brand in a coherent, narrative manner that doesn’t need to rely on too much jargon. Visuals can certainly help add to a visitor’s engagement, but they should also be an addition and not a distraction. When reviewing your website’s copy, put yourself in the mindset of a new lead, and determine what will be of the upmost importance to them. Then, use quality images that directly relate to the message you are conveying. 

2. Become the talk of the SaaS industry by building thought leadership

Ok, so it may be a bit too ambitious to have the whole SaaS industry knocking at your business’s door; but building thought leadership is still a helpful strategy. The whole industry faces the same challenges, which means that all of your competitors will be aiming to provide similar solutions that you’re offering. By spreading your knowledge of the industry and the challenges your audience is struggling with, you’re gaining credibility and becoming a trustworthy source.

However, there is a wrong way to promote your business as a thought leader: mimicking your competitors, instead of sharing your own thoughts and ideas on an industry trend or challenge. It’s difficult to avoid an overlap in the type of content you share and the service your provide; but there are some tactics that you can follow to stand out among the competition:

  • Share your opinions on social media. For example, when sharing a relevant article or quote from the industry, include a comment or pose a question to your company’s followers. Sparking conversation is a great way to showcase your interest and knowledge of current industry trends. It also makes your posts more personalized to your company, as opposed to what your competitors are saying. 

  • Blog on a scheduled basis (generally once a week) to promote your business’s thoughts on key industry insights. Your blog posts can be both informative and thought-provoking, such as “how to promote your SaaS brand without copying your competitors.”

With these marketing tactics, you’ll be able to develop a stronger image around your SaaS business and bring in more qualified leads and customers. If you’re looking for more tips to grow your SaaS business, thinkdm2 has several informative posts in our weekly blog. Check out more of our content for information on SaaS, b2b marketing, brand development, search engine optimization, and more!

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