4 Myths About Marketing Automation

4 Myths About Marketing Automation Many business owners are asking, why marketing automation, is it really valuable? The answer is yes! Marketing automation allows business owners and marketers to strategize, create and implement successful campaigns. More importantly it enables them to measure their work, which creates benchmarks and true guidance instead of shooting in the dark.

Here are 4 myths and the facts so that business owners can make informed decisions before incorporating marketing automation into their marketing strategy:

Myth 1: The leads that frequent your website often are your best leads.

Fact: While marketing automation allows for a large influx of leads, unfortunately the ones who visit your site everyday may not be qualified leads. It is important to differentiate between a bad lead and a qualified lead so that you don’t waste your time nurturing a lead you don’t want. Once you have set your lead parameters, automation can be a powerful way to engage with your qualified leads.

Myth 2: Marketing automation is only for lead generation.

Fact: Lead generation is only a piece of the puzzle. Marketing automation is great for social media, promoting offers, blogging, analysis and metrics, email marketing, driving traffic to your website, lead nurturing and overall marketing strategy.

Myth 3: Easy to use means easy to see results.

Fact: You get what you give. Once a strategy has been set into action, marketing automation allows for easy and smooth execution. However, just because you put together one or two great campaigns doesn’t mean the results will just come rolling in. Patience and time are necessary along with monitoring and checking analytics on a regular basis. It will also be important to keep creating content like blogs and sharing them across social networks, your website and emails to keep your marketing automation alive and breathing.

Myth 4: Marketing automation is only useful to the marketing team.

Fact: Marketing automation is just as much an asset to a business as it is a marketing team.  It will greatly aid sales teams as well as support teams and even executives by capturing and tracking highly important information on prospects and leads. According to Mat Sweezey, Pardot’s (a marketing automation software platform) head of thought leadership for B2B marketing, “marketing automation will change the way your entire business operates. Maybe not today, but overtime expect to see every department in your organization benefiting from the full value of marketing automation.”

One more thing to think about: Its not only marketing automation and lead generation that breeds success. Your website positions you in the mind of the buyer as much as all other components of your marketing efforts.

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