Content Mapping for Your B2B Buyer Personas

Content Mapping for Your B2B Buyer Personas

content mapping for your b2b buyer personas

Have you ever written a blog post, social media post or email that was never opened or read? This could be happening if you don’t have a content strategy that is specifically mapped to your buyer personas. Personas are a semi fictional representation of your real customer base that comes from industry research and your professional experiences.

Knowing your buyer persona(s) inside and out will make your content strategy run like a well oiled machine. If you know exactly who you are writing to, what information they want to know about and how they consume that information, how can you go wrong?

Here are a few ideas to help you start mapping your content to your b2b buyer personas:
  • Audit all of your content offerings
    Look at the content you have created and are currently in the process of creating. What are the topics, formats, and delivery methods? Start with what is existing to see what gained traction and what didn’t work. Going forward remove anything that was not popular and did not achieve your goals.
  • Use a variety of content that touches on each stage of the buyer’s journey
    Make it a point to talk to people where they are. You wouldn’t want to hear about a company and how great it is when you have asked a simple question about a general product or service. As a Hubspot agency we know the buyer’s journey is 3 parts, the awareness, consideration and decision stages. Be armed with content that speaks to all 3 and have a process planned for when the same person has moved on to the next step.
  • Always answer the questions your buyer personas are asking
    Every single character you write is for your personas. Ask yourself, how will this help my buyer persona? Would my persona find this topic interesting? Does my buyer persona like to read blog posts or look at infographics? And so on.

At the end of the day as a marketer you are trying to understand the needs of your customers and prospects thoroughly. Use the information you have, find new ways to retrieve information and let your planning aid this process.

Need help developing your buyer personas so you can include them in your content strategy? Download our free eBook, How to Create Buyer Personas, to get started now.

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