How To Create The Perfect Buyer Persona For Content Marketing

By Lindsay CarterFeb 05, 2016

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Content Mapping for Your B2B Buyer Personas

By Samantha FellerDec 23, 2015

Have you ever written a blog post, social media post or email that was never opened or read? This could be happening if you don’t have a content strategy that is specifically mapped to your buyer personas. Personas are a semi fictional representation of your real customer base that comes from industry research and your professional experiences.

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How to Research for B2B Buyer Personas

By Samantha FellerDec 16, 2015


Do you struggle with the question who is my true audience and how do I reach them? If you do then this is for you. Buyer personas are a representation of your most qualified leads and they are essential to your inbound marketing strategy. During the development of your personas, research will be the key to a successful and complete customer profile.

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3 Common B2B Buyer Persona Mistakes

By Samantha FellerDec 11, 2015

One of the best ways to ramp up your inbound marketing efforts is with buyer personas. For truly effective personas, develop them correctly with intention. There are many common b2b buyer persona mistakes that can be remedied with a little more thought.

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8 Questions to Ask When Creating a B2B Buyer Persona

By Samantha FellerDec 02, 2015

Buyer personas are an important part of your inbound marketing strategy because they tie your online sales and marketing efforts together. A buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your real customer base that comes from industry research and your professional experiences. It is a profile of your ideal customer that provides insight into who you are selling to.

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Improve Your Marketing Automation With This Checklist

By Samantha FellerNov 24, 2015

There is no question that improving marketing automation is high on every marketer’s agenda. Since the advent of digital and the evolution of online marketing the lead pool has grown rampantly. Marketing automation allows the opportunity to sift through the online chaos for qualified leads that are the right fit for your business.

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How to create buyer personas

By Samantha FellerNov 06, 2015

Buyer Personas are an integral part of the sales and marketing processes. They provide a clear picture of who you are trying to reach and what their pain points are.

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Why we use Buyer Personas to identify and attract our ideal customers

By PJ MolskiFeb 10, 2015

The Internet presents a perfect opportunity for your business to reach an almost unlimited amount of potential buyers. Millions of people use the Internet every day. However, not every person online is the right prospect for your product or service. How do you reach your ideal buyers? And how do you draw them in to your online content to generate B2B leads?

The answer is simple: Buyer Personas.

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Boost your lead generation strategy with insider info on your customers

By PJ MolskiFeb 05, 2015

So what’s a Buyer Persona?

Remember when you had an imaginary friend as a kid? A Buyer Persona is like the grown up business equivalent: a conceptual mash-up of qualities common to the customers you want to attract. It’s a crucial component to developing effective marketing techniques, whether you’re attracting customers, converting b2b leads, or closing new business. It’s important to remember that you are creating a fictional archetype, not just describing a real-life person that you know. Here are 3 steps that you need to take before crafting your personas:

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