Driving ROI by Utilizing Marketing Automation

By Philip BerardoAug 22, 2017


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Despite the growing adoption rate, some companies are finding that their marketing automation isn’t driving ROI as had been originally anticipated. Forbes has reported that an estimated 53% of companies are already using marketing automation, while an additional 37% are planning to integrate it. Here are some reasons why your company’s marketing automation may be giving an inconsistent ROI.

Companies aren’t making the most of marketing automation features

According to Forbes, at least 20% of surveyed companies have stated they do not plan to use marketing automation for robust features such as dynamic content, lead recycling, and social integration. Ignoring the varying uses for marketing automation halters a company’s achievements and doesn’t allow them to fully understand their buyers. The most common uses for marketing automation software include:

  • Email
  • Web forms
  • Landing pages
  • CRM integration

However, there are different types of marketing automation software, which are used for more than just lead generation. Other uses include:

  • Aligning marketing and sales 
  • Measuring your company’s marketing and its overall impact
  • Understanding buyer behavior 


Marketing automation requires a proper strategy

Going in blind without a proper strategy is a surefire way to miss projected ROI goals, and many companies have made this mistake. Before tackling the more complex work, your company needs to first address the small changes that can be implemented in its workflow. Plan around your company’s current workflow and observe each team member’s roles and how they are using data.

The difference between meeting goals and exceeding them

A leader is a company that exceeds its goals, while the term “mainstream” means a company is just meeting its goals. Leaders are 55% more likely to worry about the lead transition from marketing to sales, and use marketing automation technology to get a better understanding of their buyer’s purchasing patterns and behaviors. Compared to only 29% of mainstream, a total of 48% of leaders use social functionality and lead nurturing.

When using marketing automation technology, it’s important to work hand-in-hand with your company’s teams to identify any weak areas in your marketing and sales. The extra work to surpass your company’s goals will pay off.

Gaining a consistent ROI takes time; learning the ins and outs of marketing automation software will be crucial to your company’s marketing and sales success. Thinkdm2 is a New Jersey digital branding and marketing agency that is always ready to help our clients. Looking for more tips? Visit our blog today. 

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