How to Follow-Up on a Strong Sales Presentation

By Philip BerardoSep 28, 2017


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When finishing a sales presentation, the moment of truth arrives as your prospects leave the room; were you able to make a convincing offer? Conducting a strong presentation is important, but without a proper follow-up your prospects may not hold a lasting impression of your company’s offering. Here are some ways you can follow-up a strong sales presentation with a memorable leave-behind piece.

1. Don’t go overboard on the details 

Since you’ve already given a strong sales presentation about your company’s marketing priorities and values, keep the final piece brief so you don’t repeat the same ideas. Your leave-behind should reflect the same quality of content and writing on your company’s website. 

Tech companies that use a blog for their digital marketing should consider website bounce rates and apply that concept to their leave-behind; deliver a quick, consistent message to your audience to instantly catch and maintain an interest. 

2. Focus on your branding to stand out among competition

Prospects often meet with several competitors in the same day. It’s difficult for them to remember every person they meet, but a unique brand can stand out. On your leave-behind page, make sure your brand is instantly recognizable. Prospects shouldn’t have to search through multiple sections to find your brand message. Make key sections stand out with proper formatting or visuals, such as adding color or a different font to the text. You may also include a digital leave-behind via email, with links to your company’s website. 


3. Give references and data from past sales experiences

Provide data from past clients with examples of your sales success. Give references to prospects to provide a follow-up, including quotes from past clients or other social sources. Consider key questions to address, such as…

  • How were you able to help them? 
  • What key changes were made in their company based on your advice and strategies?
  • What have they said about your help? Did they post a review online?

4. Always provide contact info for your company

A business card handed out during a presentation can easily get misplaced or lost. Be sure to include website links, email links, and any other information in your leave-behind that may be necessary for prospects to follow up with your offer. 

A website provides interactive content for your prospects, which a phone number on a business card cannot. Prospects can engage with your content through a call-to-action or downloadable ebook from your website. Marketing Automation tools also help you reach out to prospectors via email or social media, keeping your company fresh in their mind. 

Don’t lose a deal over poor post-presentation etiquette; the offer doesn’t end when the presentation does. Offering a strong leave-behind for your prospects will help keep your company and brand fresh in their mind. Want to learn more about keeping leads engaged? Check out thinkdm2's free eBook.

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