How to Follow-Up on a Strong Sales Presentation

When finishing a sales presentation, the moment of truth arrives as your prospects leave the room; were you able to make a convincing offer? Conducting a strong presentation is important, but without a proper follow-up your prospects may not hold a lasting impression of your company’s offering. Here are some ways you can follow-up a strong sales presentation with a memorable leave-behind piece.

1.Don’t go overboard on the details 

  • You’ve already given a strong sales presentation about your company’s values and processes; keep the final piece simple and don’t repeat the same ideas.
  • A longer piece does not mean a better one. Prospects don’t want to read excessive jargon. Always review drafts several times and eliminate unnecessary content.
  • Faster, easier to digest points will stand out more and stick with prospects. It’s easier to remember simpler phrasing than heavy paragraphs.

2. Focus on your branding to stand out among competition

  • Often, prospects meet with multiple competitors in the same day. It’s difficult for them to remember every person they meet, but a brand can stand out.
  • On your leave-behind page, make sure your brand is easy to recognize and instantly stands out. Prospects shouldn’t have to search through multiple pages to find your brand message.
  • Make key sections stand out with proper formatting or visuals (such as adding color or a different font). 

3. Give references and data from past sales experiences

  • Instead of just telling prospects about past sales success, provide data from past clients.
  • Use a List Here…How were you able to help them? What key changes were made in their company based on your advice and strategies? What have they said about your help?
  • Give references to prospects to provide a strong follow-up, including quotes from past clients or strong words from other social sources.

4. Always provide contact info

  • A business card handed out during a presentation can easily get lost; don’t forget to include website links, email links, and any other information in your leave-behind that may be necessary for prospects to follow up with your offer.
  • A website provides stronger interaction for your prospects than just a phone number on a business card.

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