SaaS in 2019: The Top Companies and Solutions to Pay Attention To

By Philip BerardoMay 23, 2019

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The significance of the SaaS industry in 2019 cannot be stated enough; and it only looks to continue into the following year. Most notably, b2b SaaS companies are finding that their solutions are an excellent way to nurture lasting customer relationships. This all stems from how companies market and sell their SaaS solutions in a way that puts customer needs first.

As we approach the halfway point of 2019, these are the SaaS companies and solutions that are standing out among the crowd—and how your company can follow in their footsteps!

These are the top b2b SaaS companies that are standing out in 2019

HubSpot has shared some helpful statistics about the most notable SaaS companies for the year so far. The data was pulled from a g2 research study, which ranked the companies based on number of employees, reviews, overall online and social presence, and company growth.

While many of the choices won’t really surprise anyone, it’s still interesting to see the various categories that these companies fall under. For example, while Google takes the top spot for strongest SaaS company of 2019 so far, there are also categories for fasting-growing company and largest company.

In this case, Salesforce appears to be the largest SaaS company, with a market capitalization of around $101.3 billion. Salesforce remains a powerful CRM platform, especially for small businesses. The top three SaaS companies for fastest growth all happen to be related to cyber/data security; this includes KnowBe4, LastPass, and Proofpoint. Cyber security is a huge issue in technology today, and more SaaS solutions are looking to combat these increased risks. LastPass, for example, is dedicated to password protection and acts as a safe place to keep track of the many passwords you may use across the Internet. 

Of course, HubSpot themselves are also one of the top SaaS companies in the industry, in terms of sheer strength. So what does all of this information say about SaaS in 2019? Well, there are a few areas these companies are excelling in that your company will want to take notes on.

Customer service + a strong CRM = a top-ranked SaaS company

Whether you offer video conferencing services (like Zoom does) or email marketing software (such as Mailchimp), the core of your SaaS solution lies in the way you interact with your customers. There’s a common misconception that b2b businesses are less customer-focused, but this is far from the truth—especially for SaaS.

Part of the reason why these top companies are still so relevant and highly-regarded today comes from their lasting influence on their customers. One of the many benefits that SaaS organizations have to offer is their ability to retain and nurture existing customers over longer periods of time. Customer relationship management (or CRM) is a vital component to SaaS that companies such as Salesforce have put to great use. Here are a few ways you can stay on top of your customer-support game and boost retention:

  • Provide a section on your SaaS website for frequently asked questions (FAQs). Considering some companies may be selling a product or solution with a bit of a learning curve, it’s important to ensure that your customers know how to use it properly. Chatbots and live chat support an also offer additional service to your customers that may not be solved in an FAQ alone.

  • Stay active on social media. While this might not seem like much, it’s a good way to interact with your existing audience. From sparking discussions to hosting quick Q&A’s, try to engage with your audience through social interactions.

  • Be responsive, especially when there’s a concern from a customer. One of the key principles of strong customer service for any SaaS company is being able to readily respond to a customer's request. Whether it’s scheduling a quick call to help with a setup or troubleshooting an existing problem, respond in a timely manner with an active plan to help.

The best SaaS companies didn’t reach their status in a week (or even a few months); it will take plenty of time to build your company’s credibility and overall value. For more tips about growing your business, explore some of our recent blog posts.

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