Technology In Marketing: Engage, Interact, And Sell!


engage, interact, and sell

When you hear marketing in 2016, what comes to mind? Whether you sell shoes, food, or computers, technology is the backbone of all successful marketing strategies. Businesses incorporate various technological mediums to gain emotional insights while engaging with audiences alike to eventually gain loyal customers. Take a few minutes to see how digital, social, and mobile marketing can transform your marketing endeavors as well as please existing customers.

Digital Business Integration

Using technology to enhance your organizations’ digital presence can be beneficial in regards to expanding the reach of your brand.

Gartner mentions in one of their posts that the company True Fit has succeeded in fusing technology marketing into their business by combining real-world imagery with digital technology. The company allows people to virtually test-fit clothes before purchasing them. Although this is not a direct form of advertising, clients of True Fit can stand out from their competitors by offering ways to digitally interact with their brand.

Bringing a digital component to your brand can further your business’s interaction with prospective clients.

Leveraging Social Media Customers

Tear your head away from the phone and look around. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are only a few of the many social media platforms that businesses subsume into their marketing plans.

The various forms of social media are important, but focusing on the reasoning becomes much more helpful than the outlet itself. If you are a company that actively uses social media as part of a marketing plan, interacting with potential customers along with existing customers using various social media platforms is a great way of getting the best bang for your buck.

Tagging customers, linking blog posts, or even sharing that new product you guys have is a great way to engage customers. You are paying for your inbound marketing efforts, so make sure you use technology in the form of social media to interact with your buyer personas.

Mobile Marketing with Technology

Now, if your business has already decided to incorporate forms of real-life digital marketing and you already have a good understanding on social media in your industry, then the technology behind mobile marketing is another great way to expand your business.

Businesses everywhere are using location-based marketing to connect with people using their mobile devices. If it’s communicating through offers, or simply tallying the amounts of visitors, you can use location based marketing to track your buyer personas and send promotions effectively.

Connecting to the physical world with technology may just give your organization the opportunity to catch your ideal customer’s attention.

As you focus on marketing your business, it is important that your brand reflects your company on various levels. Your brand should represent your organization in the clearest way possible if you want your marketing efforts of work. Visit our blog for more information on b2b branding and technology. 

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