Keyword Ranking is Over: Rethinking Your SEO Strategy

By Philip BerardoMar 22, 2019

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It’s long been stated in the past few years that keyword ranking has become a fleeting strategy for SEO criteria. While it hasn’t disappeared entirely, it’s clear that you can’t just throw keywords into your content and expect Google to be satisfied. There is more to ranking in search engines than optimizing keywords; and with today’s search engine algorithms, you’ll need to seriously rethink your SEO strategy.

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Why Topic Clusters are Essential for Content Marketing

By Philip BerardoAug 09, 2018

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Since the major update to search engine algorithms last year, marketers have had to make significant changes to their SEO strategies. Topic clusters and pillar pages are a marketer’s new best friend when keeping content linked and up-to-date with SEO.

While keywords aren’t completely gone, their relevancy in the modern content marketing landscape is dwindling. Here’s why topic clusters and pillar pages have become essential for content marketing.

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3 Key Strategies to Develop Your Topic Clusters

By Philip BerardoMay 31, 2018


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As the age of individual keyword ranking comes to an end, it’s time for digital marketers to make the transition to topics. Topic clusters were created as a response to Google’s algorithm changes, which now understand the context behind a search. Searches are more conversational as a result, since users are typing in longer phrases, as opposed to single keywords.

Topic clusters require a few critical elements, such as a pillar page, cluster content, and connected links. To get started with developing your topic clusters, here are three key strategies you can follow.

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3 Ways to Improve Your B2B Content with Topic Clusters

By Philip BerardoMay 10, 2018


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With the introduction of topic clusters, and changes to search engine algorithms, this year has brought new opportunities for b2b marketers to improve their web traffic. Relying on individual keywords is no longer an option; you’ll need to embrace new strategies with the use of topic clusters. It may seem like a hassle to rethink your old strategies, but the results will be worth the effort. Here are three ways your b2b business can benefit from using topic clusters for its content marketing.

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