3 Reasons Why Every Inbound Marketer Should Blog (2 of 2)

By Ryan TrabalkaJul 12, 2016


three reasons why every inbound marketer should blog part two

In the initial post, we talked about why every inbound marketer should blog. If you are thinking about clicking away, just know this isn’t a reiteration of part 1.

This post will help you understand blogging from a business standpoint and, will help you fully understand the benefits of adopting a blogging plan into your organization’s inbound marketing strategy. Below are 3 more reasons as to why blogging can be an asset to any business.

Converting Viewers into Leads

Blogs can be a great way to generate new leads. Creating a source for content can also help to expand your ideal buyer personas. At the end of every blog post, there should be a small space left at the bottom for a call-to-action or CTA.

A great blog post will give users the opportunity to continue their buyers journey. Give your readers an incentive to continue on their journey, a free e-book can be placed as a CTA.


Blogging for Authority

Face it, when you go to a search engine for answers you just want to find whatever it is you were looking for. Clicking whatever pops-up in front of you sometimes can be quite disappointing. If you’re a business that wishes to enhance your user’s experience, blogging is just the thing to do.

Blogging about your product/service or any industry related topics can improve your digital presence. Creating relevant and informative content can also show potential clients that you are a trustworthy source of information.

Once you’ve developed a trusting relationship with your readers your blog can become the go-to place for industry specific topics. Remember, it is the quality not the quantity that matters.    


Blogging for the Long Ride Home

Being consistent and aware of current trends will help your business and blogs stay relevant, this is essential! Blogging the right way can help your businesses SEO/SXO strategy in ways you could have never imagined. The goal is to attract search engines, with the eventual goal being to attract their users. 

You are probably wondering how blogging can improve your website’s rankings? Blogs, like anything else online, are published and remain available online for quite some time. As traffic dies down and your blog eventually loses some popularity, it also works as a source for search engines to recognize you.

Your websites and brand, when connected with blog posts. will help search engines identify your organization by generating traffic and better search results for years to come.


After you begin to blog and realize that you are pulling in more traffic, your website begins to be the HQ of potential customers. Make sure your website is set-up for success by requesting our FREE custom website report card.

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