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Building Brand Awareness Online: Tips for Digital Marketers

By Philip BerardoJun 24, 2020


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Branding has changed a lot with the growth of digital over the past decade or so—and many marketers would say it’s been for the better! Your digital marketing company has several options when it comes to expanding its reach and growing an audience for its brand online. Whether it’s from direct interactions with customers on social media or simply optimizing your website and content, it’s critical to have brand awareness. Here are tips your digital marketing company can follow to build brand awareness online.

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What are the 3 Metrics of Brand Equity?

By Philip BerardoJun 17, 2020


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When it comes to your marketing company’s brand, its value and reception plays a vital role in how new and existing customers view your brand. This is known as brand equity. Ultimately, your brand equity relates to your brand’s value in relation to how recognizable it is and the response it generates. A brand without equity is like a sandwich with no toppings—a skeleton of something that could be so much stronger and more unique (not to mention tastier!)

Overall, there are three key metrics to brand equity that your marketing company will want to measure. In this post, we’ll be defining those metrics and the impact they can have on your branding.

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How Dynamic Content Personalizes Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Philip BerardoJun 12, 2020


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In digital marketing, dynamic content refers to content—such as an email, webpage, or even call-to-action (CTA)—that changes based on a user’s behavior and session data. In other words, it adapts to their actions and provides a more personalized experience as they digest your content. Most commonly, digital marketers will implement dynamic content across their website—which can increase conversions in addition to making for a captivating browsing experience. Here are a few ways dynamic content personalizes your digital marketing strategy. 

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What Is Agile Marketing? Defining a Data-Driven Strategy

By Philip BerardoMay 29, 2020


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In today’s marketing landscape, there are dozens of unique strategies that your team may consider implementing. Whether you try account-based marketing or go fully Inbound, these strategies have their benefits and initial challenges to overcome. Agile marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on a data-driven approach—analyzing real-time data and responding quickly. Let’s further define agile marketing and its significance as a powerful marketing strategy.

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3 Interactive Design Ideas for Your B2B Marketing Website

By Philip BerardoMay 20, 2020


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For some marketers, updating their existing website is nothing more than a pipe dream—a goal so daunting that it may not seem worth the effort. However, you don’t need to completely rebuild your entire website just to implement some new designs. More and more, we’re seeing interactive design lead the way for stronger website engagement—from the start of a buyer’s journey all the way through to the end. Marketers, here are three interactive design ideas you can integrate into your b2b marketing website.

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Rethinking Your B2B Marketing Strategy Amid COVID-19

By Philip BerardoMay 14, 2020


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For b2b companies, finding new business, in particular, has become more challenging these days. During this time of quarantine, b2b marketers are encouraged to take a new approach to old strategies—focusing less on generating new leads and, instead, nurturing existing customers. In this post, we’re exploring how b2b marketing companies can rethink their strategy amid COVID-19.

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Understanding the Branding Benefits of Reverse Positioning

By Philip BerardoMay 08, 2020


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Reverse positioning is a marketing strategy where developing and maintaining customer relationships is the primary goal, rather than focusing on selling a service or product. This strategy follows the idea that the best kind of marketing doesn’t actually feel like marketing at all. It’s an unconventional tactic that relies heavily on building brand awareness and cultivating lasting relationships with your customers. Here are a few ways reverse positioning can benefit your marketing company’s branding.

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How COVID-19 Has Affected Marketing and Sales Metrics

By Philip BerardoMay 01, 2020


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With April coming to an end, we’re finding ourselves entering a new month of rethinking our marketing and sales strategies during COVID-19. In the midst of remote working and social distancing, there have been notable effects on marketing and sales metrics throughout April. Marketing influencers like HubSpot have provided weekly updates on the state of the industry, with data related to email marketing, website traffic, and lead conversions.

Here is a roundup of the most notable effects COVID-19 has had on marketing and sales metrics.

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What is a Brand Equity Model: Comparing Aaker and Keller

By Philip BerardoApr 24, 2020


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Brand equity is a vital component of what gives your brand meaning and value to its audience. We’ve shared insights into the advantages of brand equity before, but there is more to understand its significance in marketing. Brand equity plays a role in developing your brand identity and value. In this post, we’ll be comparing two unique brand equity models from David Aaker and Kevin Lane Keller.

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Additional Best Practices for Marketers Working Remotely

By Philip BerardoApr 17, 2020


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Last month, we shared some best practices for marketers working from home amid COVID-19. The work-from-home process isn’t something that everyone will be used to, which is why we’ve found it helpful to brush up on some helpful guidelines and practices. Here are some additional best practices for your marketing team working remotely during COVID-19.

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