How to Effectively Review Your B2B Sales Funnel

By Philip BerardoOct 23, 2017

When reviewing your sales funnel, it’s easy to get lost in the midst of complex data analysis and not know where to start. Your sales funnel isn’t just about your company’s sales; it’s relevant to your marketing team's strategies as well. If your company is struggling with generating b2b leads or reviewing its sales funnel, here are some helpful steps to take to get you in the right direction.  

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Align Marketing and Sales Teams Around Buyer Personas

By Philip BerardoSep 07, 2017

Aligning marketing and sales is an important step toward personalizing your company’s content and effectively managing leads. In a study from SiriusDecisions, it was shown alignment between marketing and sales can lead to 24% faster growth in revenue and 27% faster growth in profit over a 3 year period. 

To increase your company’s revenue, here are some ways your company can work toward aligning its marketing and sales teams. 

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How to Fix the Flaw in Funnel-Based Tech Marketing

By Stephanie AlexandreApr 20, 2017

While the purchase funnel has served B2B marketers well over the years, a recent study conducted by Latitude found 87% of buyers now travel a less linear, more complex pathway to final purchase. The four key pillars of the funnel­–attract, convert, close, and delight–are still relevant but, you may want to start thinking about the mental state and behaviors of your buyers during the purchase cycle.

Latitude’s study uncovered six behavioral and mental states buyers will experience:

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8 Questions to Ask When Creating a B2B Buyer Persona

By Samantha FellerDec 02, 2015

Buyer personas are an important part of your inbound marketing strategy because they tie your online sales and marketing efforts together. A buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your real customer base that comes from industry research and your professional experiences. It is a profile of your ideal customer that provides insight into who you are selling to.

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